3.5 Million Unlicensed Erection Pills Seized in the UK in 2019

3.5 Million Unlicensed Erection Pills Seized in the UK in 2019

The sexual disorder has to be treated on time. Men usually ignore their health problems or keep their sexual disorders private, which could be dangerous. If treatment is delayed, it can cause further sexual and physical dysfunctions in the patients. While taking the treatment, using the original and licensed medication is essential. Recently there were Unlicensed Erection Pills Seized in the UK. These medications could have been life-threatening for the patients if they consumed them. This article will discuss some of the side effects of these unlicensed pills. And we will help you avoid these fake and dangerous medicines.

Ed Medications

Erectile dysfunction is a significant health issue. If it is not treated on time, many other health issues can be developed in the body. For a long time, this condition was untreatable. But recently, medications have been discovered to treat ED. Erectile Dysfunction Medications like Cenforce, Sildenafil, Viagra, Malegra, etc., are very popular for curing ED. But their quality has to be perfect. And you can only use licensed medications.

Unlicensed Erection Pills Seized in the UK

There are medications available to treat erection dysfunction in men. These medicines can provide a limited-time erection and treat the ED permanently. But the quality of the pills has to be 100% original. Otherwise, there could be side effects causing more sexual health issues. Recently in the UK, 3.5 million Unlicensed Erection Pills Seized. They are estimated to be worth over 10 million pounds. The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has stated that these medications could be life-threatening for the patients.

Side Effects of Unlicensed Erection Pills

Using a fake or unauthentic drug can be life-dangering for the patients. This is the reason all the Unlicensed Erection Pills Seized in the UK. If you had used those pills, there could be many side effects. Still, if you take any fake dose of ED medicine. There will be some side effects on your body. We have listed those side effects below. If you discover any of these side effects, immediately rush to a hospital.

  • You will face a sudden blood pressure rise after taking fake medications.
  • People who take counterfeit medicines feel severe headaches and migraines.
  • There could be blurriness in the eyes and difficulty in vision.
  • Heart problems are caused by high doses of fake and unauthentic pills.
  • A phony drug hasn’t been experimented on enough to be used for humans. So you cannot change your sexual health after taking those drugs.

How to Avoid Unlicensed Erection Pills

How to Avoid Unlicensed Erection Pills UK

There are a few tips that you can follow to avoid the fake drugs. We have listed a few criteria which you can look for in authentic ED medicine. If the suppliers or the drug doesn’t follow these criteria, don’t follow the pills.

  • The medicine should be FDA-approved and certified.
  • Never buy the Unlicensed Erection Pills Seized from a raid.
  • There should be at least a year of expiry date on the drug you take.
  • If the price of the medicine is way too low, there is a high possibility it is fake.
  • Buy your ED medicine only from a Trusted Online Pharmacy store. If the website is unregistered, don’t purchase any medication from that store.

Where Can I Buy Genuine ED Drugs?

You must find a trusted medical store to purchase genuine Ed medication. For our readers, we suggest using the Damson Pharmacy. This is an online pharmaceutical store that sells all the FDA-approved drugs. You can find all sorts of sexual-related generic and brand-name medicines on this site. Another benefit of using this online store is that they will deliver our medication to your doorstep. This way, your treatment will be more private. They offer fast delivery service in all countries, including the UK, USA, and Canada. This is one of the best-licensed pharmacies and manufacturers online shop.


Nowadays, the medical industry has improved a lot. There are medical treatments available for all diseases and disorders. But you must be careful before taking any medication. A fake and unlicensed drug can cause several health problems for you. The Unlicensed Erection Pills Seized in the UK show how many counterfeit products are being sold over the market. You can follow the tips we have discussed above before purchasing any medication. Also, ask your doctor before taking any drug. Never use a fake or a cheap version of your medicine. The ED Pills must be licensed and original to be safe and effective for your treatment.

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