How To Avoid Getting Erection During A Massage

How To Avoid Getting Erection During A Massage

Massage is an excellent way of distressing yourself and calming the body and mind. However, some men get Erection During a Massage, which makes them uncomfortable and stressful during their therapy.

Even though Erection is a regular act, some men get stressed over it and avoid getting a massage. So, in this article, we will discuss this problem men are so fearful to face. To get all your questions answered and confusion resolved, read the article till the very end.

Why Do I Get An Erection During Massage?

Why Do I Get An Erection During Massage

First, it is important to know that Erection is a completely normal phenomenon that happens to every man. And as for getting an Erection during a massage, there can be many reasons for that. We have explained some of the basic reasons that initiate Erection while you are getting a massage.

Face Down Laying Position

Usually, during a massage, the person is asked to lie face down. This position stimulates the blood circulation toward the genitals, which causes Erection. Even if you are not getting a massage but lay face down, you will get an erection.

Relaxation and Calmness

Again, mental relaxation also causes the rise of genitalia in men. The main goal of massage is to relax and calm the body and mind. As the person gets these sensations in his body, the parasympathetic nervous system gets activated, which increases the blood flow through the body. As a result, the person gets an erection.

Lower Body Reflex Response

Another reason for Erection during a massage is when the therapist starts massaging the lower back area. The massage technique on the lower back, thighs, or glutes will trigger a reflexive response, which will cause an erection.

Mental Arousal

You will see a very common pattern in all the massage centers; the environment is very cozy and calming. For some men, such an environment is a turn-on. There is no extreme science behind it except the brain gets stimulated by the calming nature around which cause the genital arousal in men.

Medicine Effect

A sexual disorder like Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is very common in men, with a 52% excessive rate. To treat this disorder, men usually take medications like Kamagra, which helps with longer erections in men. 

Suppose the effects of these ED medicines are still valid. In that case, the person will get an instant Erection with slight sensations of impact, like massage.

Some Misconceptions about Erection during a Massage

The reason why men feel uncomfortable with getting Erections during messages is because of the misconceptions and myths. People spread rumors to make this natural phenomenon look bad. In reality, there is no reality in them, and your message therapist knows this, too.

Erection during a Massage is Embarrassing

It is totally a myth that if you get an erection while getting a message, it is somehow embarrassing. During the massage, your muscles and nerves are under some external pressure, which makes them act accordingly. You are going to get relaxed, and the blood circulation in the body will rise, and you will get an erection.

The phenomenon is totally normal and shouldn’t be seen as embarrassing. Your message therapist doesn’t see Erection as an embarrassing or uncomfortable thing, and neither should you.

Erection Means Sexual Desire

Getting an Erection doesn’t mean you have sexual desire. You can get an Erection while being at rest position and not thinking about anything. It is all about the mental stimulation of the nervous system, which gets boosted by the message; hence, you get an Erection.

Right Way to Handle Erection During Massage

Right Way to Handle Erection During Massage

Almost every man is going to get an erection while getting a message. And if you are uncomfortable with such a situation, you should know how to deal with it. There are some very simple and instantly effecting ways to handle the Erection during the message.

We have shared three very effective ways. Try them, and you will be back to normal and can carry on with the message.

Comfortable Conversation

You are getting an erection because of your mental relaxation. Your mind isn’t doing any other activity, so it just stimulates the nervous system. So, you can cope with this by starting a conversation with your therapist.

The message therapists are mostly very friendly and professional. They will be happy to hold a conversation with you until you control your arousal.

Distressing Yourself

Men usually get stressed with the Erection During a Massage. This stress will only make the situation worse, and the therapist will definitely understand that you are stressed due to the Erection.

Hence, the best advice for men is to distress yourself. Rearrange your thoughts and control the arousal you have.

Professional Behavior

In such scenarios, the therapist who is performing the message has very important role as well. he must act professional and make sure his client is comfortable. Try to point out the Erection and just carry on with the message.

Just respect the boundaries, be professional, and get consent from the client if needed. For example, before working on sensitive body parts, give your client a heads-up so he can be mentally ready.

Are There Any Medicines to Help My Erection?

The medicines available for Erections are mostly to treat some sexual disorders like ED. These medicines help men improve their erection timing by increasing the blood circulation in the body. There are many medicines for treating this disorder. Cialis vs Viagra vs Levitra is a big discussion among these ED pills.

Some of these drugs are.

These mentioned pills will not affect the Erection During a Massage. These are disorder-specific and only treat ED.


Men who get Erection During a Massage try to avoid getting a massage to avoid getting into such scenarios. In reality, this is an entirely natural phenomenon that happens to you and almost every other man. So, instead of being uncomfortable, use the tips we have shared in this article.

Also, make sure you consult with your doctor before taking any drug. Purchase your medicines from Damson Pharmacy for better quality and the best rates.


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