Best 5 Easy Ways to Increase Male Sensitivity

Best 5 Easy Ways to Increase Male Sensitivity

Male suffers from different health disorders nowadays. Along with regular physical health problems, sexual disorders are becoming more common every day. Males are getting sensitive and unable to perform sexually.

This article will discuss one of the most common sexual problems most men face. And we will also discuss what can help Increase Male Sensitivity. Read the article completely to get maximum information about this condition and its treatments.

What is Male Sensitivity?

Male Sensitivity is referred to as the weakness in the genital region of the male. A person could suffer from sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, short-time erection, etc. And all these conditions are termed male Sensitivity.

 To treat this condition usually, medications are used which help Increasing Male Sensitivity. Pills based on Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg are typically used to treat most sexual problems and help men with their Sensitivity.

What Causes Male Sensitivity?

What Causes Male Sensitivity

Before getting into the treatments for male Sensitivity, we must understand the causes of Male Sensitivity. There are several facts and reasons which can cause different sexual problems in men, which will lead to Male Sensitivity. We have discussed the most common causes below.

Low Testosterone

Most of the sexual problem men faces are because of low testosterone level. Testosterones are the male hormones that are in charge of male characteristics. Features like beard, mustaches, deep voice, and even erection are affected by testosterone levels. 

If these testosterone levels decrease due to any reason, it will affect male sexual activity the most. That’s why all ED medications like Cenforce D help increase testosterone levels so the patient can be active sexually.

Poor Diet

We always hear that our body displays what we eat. Poor diet also has a major effect on the sexual health of men. All the physical and sexual disorders you are facing are probably because of your poor diet plan.

If your daily food consists of deep-fried and junk food, you are damaging your sex life. If the body doesn’t get the required nutrients, the body cannot perform during sex, leading to Male Sensitivity.


Masturbation is very common in both men and women. But it sometimes affects the sexual performance of men. Usually, during masturbation, if the person is holding his penis very tight, the veins will get compressed, and blood circulation will be reduced.

Masturbation doesn’t harm the man’s body or sexual performance, but the way of holding the penis can cause damage. So if you have Male Sensitivity, stop masturbating for some time or hold your penis with a light grip.

Medical Conditions

As you should know, Male Sensitivity highly depends on the medical or sexual condition men have. Disorders like Erectile Dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, penal damage, etc., are all the causes of Male Sensitivity.

Sometimes other health disorders like heart-related diseases also decrease the blood circulation in the penal region, which causes Male Sensitivity. Medicine like Avanafil or Vardenafil can have side effects that damage the penis and sexual performance of men.

Is Male Sensitivity Dangerous?

Male Sensitivity can be highly dangerous in certain cases. This is a health disorder that affects your sexual health and, over time, will also affect your physical health. Its possible future risks are listed below:

  • Permanent Damage to Penis
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Decreased Libido

Ways to Increase Male Sensitivity

Ways to Increase Male Sensitivity

Most of the time, men just ignore their sexual health, which isn’t right at all. All diseases and disorders should be treated on time. As for Male Sensitivity, many treatments are available to deal with this condition. 

We have discussed some ways that can help you improve Male Sensitivity.


The easiest and most effective treatment for Male Sensitivity is medications. There are many drugs available to treat sexual disorders in men. Especially, ED pills are very famous. They help men withhold their erection for long periods of time.

Make sure to ask your doctor before taking any Male Sensitivity and ED medicine. Some of the famous pills for sexual disorders are listed below.


The lifestyle of a person highly affects his sexual life. So if you have low Male Sensitivity, you must improve your lifestyle. Doctors suggest men with sexual disorders quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

Another great life hack for improving Male Sensitivity is exercising daily. Doing a little exercise routine will also increase stamina and improve blood circulation. All this is helpful for male sex health.

Healthy Diet

Even though medication like Vidalista 40 helps with sexual improvement but this isn’t the ideal treatment. A healthier diet plan is a safer and more effective treatment for Male Sensitivity.

Men who face sexual problems and Male Sensitivity should eat healthily. Add low-cholesterol food to your diet so the blood circulation doesn’t get affected. Also, eat fruits like berries, kiwi, and pineapple that have natural PDE5 inhibitors in them.


Another underrated yet very effective treatment for Increasing Male Sensitivity is therapy. Usually, sexual disorders affect the mental health of the patient. So even after taking medication, he is unable to perform sexually.

Sharing your problem with a therapist or partner can greatly help the patient. Therapy will help you reduce stress and feel comfortable about your condition, and eventually, you will be better in your sex life.

Quitting Masturbation

Even though all the studies prove that masturbation doesn’t affect the sex life of males but some specialists suggest otherwise. If you face a sexual problem like Male Sensitivity, it is better to quit masturbation for some time.

Masturbation decreases the testosterone levels and also possibly your penis if you are gripping it too hard. So quitting masturbation for a few weeks will help your genitals regain strength and be back to functioning properly.

Bottom Line

Men with problems during sexual activities should take the necessary steps to Increase Male Sensitivity. All the treatments we have mentioned in this article are highly effective and easy to adapt. 

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