Diabetes And Erectile Dysfunction Are They Connected?

Diabetes And Erectile Dysfunction Are They Connected

Diabetes is a common disorder in the US population. According to a study, 11.3% of the US population is affected by Diabetes. Diabetes also has a very severe effect on the sexual health of patients. Especially in men, Diabetes causes different sexual dysfunctions. Erectile dysfunction is one of them.

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction are closely related. These two diseases have common in men, and one is caused by the other. We will discuss more about these two diseases further in the article. Read the article thoroughly to get all the required information about these diseases.

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Connection

Diabetes is a disease that is usually described as a chronicle health condition. It mostly affects the blood circulation in eth body by releasing more sugar into the bloodstream. In this situation, the patient is unable to control their blood pressure and often, their blood circulation is imbalanced.

This imbalance in blood circulation leads to the non-functioning of human body parts. The most effects body part in men by Diabetes is the penal region. Men become unable to hold their erections for the desired duration. This leads to unsatisfied sexual activity and is a possible cause of many other sexual disorders.

How Does Diabetes Cause ED?

Most people think that Diabetes is only connected to our glucose level and blood sugar levels. I’m afraid that’s not right. This disease has far more side effects on our bodies than we can imagine. One of these side effects is erectile dysfunction.

Now how exactly Diabetes cause the ED in men can be explained in two points discussed below: 

Lower Male Hormones

Diabetes weakens the body’s immune system entirely. The digestive system will go bad, and the body will not get enough nutrition required. In such a health situation, the hormone level decreases rapidly in men.

The male hormone testosterone is the essential component of sexual activity. With this, the body gets enough stamina to hold the erection during intercourse. As Diabetes lower the testosterone level, men develop erection problem.

Damaged Blood Vessels

As well known, Diabetes affects the blood sugar level in patients. This phenomenon also damages the blood vessels. In most cases, clots develop in the vessels, which result in the blockage of blood flow.

The blockage of blood flow affects different body parts. As for the penal region, as the blood circulation decreased, men could not hold the erection.

Treatment for Erection Caused by Diabetes

Treatment for Erection Caused by Diabetes

Luckily the medical industry has advanced a lot in past years. There are multiple treatments available for the sexual problem in men. The treatments we have discussed below will help you with both Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction. Use these tips to get a curefast and effectively.


There are hundreds of varieties of medications available in the market to treat erectile dysfunction. Drugs like 100 Mg Generic Viagra can help you hold the erection during sexual intercourse.

Patients should take precautions while taking these ED pills. They can have side effects if not handled correctly. Just follow the doctor’s prescription and take the dose you are suggested to.

Quitting Smoking

Smoking has tons of severe side effects on the body. One of which is worsening the health problem, you are already facing. So either it be diabetes or ED smoking will make it worse. Hence you must avoid smoking if you have any health condition.

Also, if you start some treatment for your disorder, it will not affect you if you don’t quit smoking. For instance, all the positive effects ED pills will have on your body will be eradicated by a single cigarette.


Exercising should be a vital part of everyone’s life. We must say that exercising is the treatment for almost all of your health disorders. A simple exercising routine can provide you with hundreds of natural health benefits.

You are not supposed to do heavy exercise at the initial stage. Just do some simple walking or yoga. These activities will improve your stamina, and you will cure your sexual dysfunction fast and easily.

Lose Body Weight

Overweight causes both Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction. A person who is obese usually develops sexual problems. Hence, you must lose weight and return to a standard weight percentage.

Doing exercises will help you a lot to lose weight. You don’t need to follow a strict diet, just avoid some junky food and eat a bit healthy. A 30-minute daily walk will be enough for you to start losing weight.

Eat Healthy

A person displays on his face and his body what he eats. All your activities and health condition depend on your daily diet. To get better sexually and treat your health condition, you have to start eating healthy.

Also, for patients with Diabetes, healthy eating is extremely important. You should have fruits and vegetables, like papaya, berries, kiwi, pineapple, etc., that help with treating erection dysfunction in men.

Where to Purchase Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Medication?

Medication is the ultimate solution to treat erection problems as well as Diabetes. There are hundreds of pills that can help men cure their erection problems. And to buy these medications, you can use the Damson Pharmacy. Here, you can find the finest quality medication at reasonable prices.

Among all the options we have to purchase our medication, Damson is by far the most reliable. They have been selling these drugs for many years. And they have built a huge trusting community. Their prices are low, and their delivery service is fast.


All disease has to be cured on time, or they cause several other health problems, just as Diabetes result in erection problem in men. Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction are highly dangerous and lower the life expectancy of men. Treating these disorders should be our priority.

We highly recommend you use the Damson store to Buy ED Medicine Online. This website is efficient and trustable. Also, ask your doctor before taking any drug. Follow his prescription and stick to the exact dose he recommends for you.


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