Generic Medicines Cost less than Name Brand Medicine?

Generic Medicines Cost less than Name Brand Medicine

Branded things are always costly and have different prices from local things. However, it also applies to the pharmaceutical industry. As different trusted pharmacies have set dissimilar prices for the same medicines because of some reasons. 

Also buying medicines only from trusted and well-known brands are important as we cannot comprise our health. But have you ever thought that we can still use some local health products such as Generic Medicines Costs less and we can save much?

So, here we will get to know about why there is a huge difference between the prices of these medicines. And some reasonable details that will make you clear which medicines are better; local or branded.

What are Generic Medicines?

A generic drug is a product without a well-known brand name having qualities similar to any branded product. For instance, generic medicines might have the same ingredients, similar effects, strength, dosage form, and safety & quality, however, they are not identified under a well-known brand.

Generic drugs are from local brands that are not popular but provide the best quality and ensure the best effects however, they are sold as different local Brand Name Medicine. Thus people have many confusions about these drugs therefore, here we shall learn more about them.

Difference Between Branded & Generic Medicine

Branded Medicine

Brand-named medicines are usually considered the original which is somehow correct because they are the first of their kind. Also, the medicines under a well-known pharmaceutical are made public only after meticulous research and clinical trials are done. 

The developers of these products are also well-known and certified experts that are trusted by the public. All of these corporations have policies about the formulation of the product that should be kept secret. Also, the patents registered have complete details from the date manufactured till the expiry date of the patent.

Moreover, these medicines are also issued after government permission.  These medicines usually are more pricey than Generic Medicines Cost because they also pay for the marketing and they also have spend a lot on the development of the original formula. Moreover, certifications from popular clinical organizations also cost a lot.

Generic Medicine

People are usually confused about whether to use generic medicines or not, just because they are not certified by very well-known organizations. However, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be trusted because they are still approved by the government and other health organizations.

Moreover, we can also consider them as a copy of the original branded products as they have similar forms, strengths, effects, and uses. However, the difference is just they are not made by branded companies. You can easily find both types of medicines in online stores in the USA as well as in the UK.

Some people think these drugs are less effective because they are bought at less price. However, Generic Medicines Cost Less because they don’t have to spend much on the certifications from popular organizations and they also don’t develop the formula all by themselves. Similarly, they also don’t spend much on marketing.

Reasons Why Generic Medicines Costs Less than Branded Drugs

Reasons Why Generic Medicines Costs Less than Branded Drugs

Cost of Production

Their cost of production is less than any other brand-name medicine. This is because they don’t invest much in formulating and researching the drug as the drug is already made by branded companies.

Therefore they just have to produce a similar formula that can be easily made. Whereas branded companies that originally produce the drug have to develop the formula, do proper research, and then spend to testify the medicines and do certification, etc. That’s why branded drugs are costly, for example Erectile Dysfunction Pills.

Pharma Patents

The pharmaceutical that produces the drug gets the patent which allows them to manufacture the product with all the rights reserved. It means that no other company can manufacture the same formula until the patents run out or the product is issued.

However, the product can be sold under a generic name after the patent runs out which greatly reduces the price. For instance, you can Buy Fildena 100 under a generic name that has been recommended for erectile dysfunction. It is also a very effective medicine.


Branded medicines are highly in demand because most doctors also prescribe them. Moreover, people usually find it risky to get generic medicine other than the one which is prescribed by a doctor. Therefore, nobody would ever risk his health just to save some money.

This increases the demand for branded medicines and encourages companies to increase the worth of their products. Whereas, Generic Medicines Cost low but are not demanded by many people.

Advertising & Marketing

Generic drugs usually don’t do advertisements whereas branded drugs require a lot of marketing to acquire the expected profit. Similarly, they spend a lot on marketing and advertising which also increases the value and overall production cost. However, in the UK, branded medicines are already popular.

Also, generic medicine does not invest much in advertising which helps them to produce low-priced drugs. However, it reduces the popularity of generic medicines but the quality and strength are the same as the originals.

What Differentiates Generic Medicine From Branded Drugs?

Mostly, the production process is what distinguishes generic medicines from branded ones. However, as we can see the active ingredients are all the same. Moreover, the marketing process of branded products also requires a large sum of money which also creates a huge difference between the prices of branded medicines.

Originality is also another factor because generic medicines are just like a copy of these medicines whereas branded medicines are the original and are formulated by them. They have all rights reserved for the product. However, they are equally effective with each other.

Furthermore, both types of medicines are legal and are allowed after various certifications by health organizations. FDA must approve the medicines to make the drug legal and allow them to be sold to the public.

Crucial Differences Between Generic & Branded Medicines

  • Both medicines are manufactured having differences in the cost of production.
  • FDA approves both of the medicines considering the active ingredients and effects of medicines.
  • The active ingredients are similar however, inactive components may vary.
  • Generic medicines have low-priced products because they don’t have to invest much in the product. So they can get enough profit even when they are providing the best quality products.
  • Both types of medicines are easily available at Damson Pharmacy.
  • Generic medicines are sold under various games however, the branded medicines are one of their kind having the same brand name all around the world.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best generic medicine for treating ED?

Vidalista 20 is included in the top 5 best generic medicines.

How much cheaper are generic medicines?

Generic medicines save you 20% of money than branded medicines.

Which medicine is better generic or branded?

Generics are as effective as branded drugs are. Therefore, they both can be considered good for treatment.


Generic Medicines Cost less than branded medicines just because they don’t need to invest in marketing and development of the product. However, they are equally effective than original drugs as they have similar ingredients so you can also use them.

Both types of medicines work best and both are available in our pharmacy so check them out too.

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