How To Get Harder Erections and Improve Sexual Performance

How To Get Harder Erections and Improve Sexual Performance

One of the main concerns of men in a relationship is to perform well sexually. And as the men get over 40, their sexual ability gets worse. So they ask the question, How to Get Harder Erections, and sometimes get the wrong answer, which causes them trouble.

One of the most common sexual dysfunction is Erectile Dysfunction, with 52% of men suffering from this disorder. In this disorder, men get a soft erection, which doesn’t last for a long time, and hence, their overall sexual performance gets terrible. And as there is so much misinformation, some men worsen their situation.

So, we have compelled this article to give all men access to the most valuable information about their sexual performance. We have explained in detail all the possible treatments for getting a harder erection, so if you want to improve your sexual performance, read till the end.

Causes of Soft Penis and Erectile Dysfunction

Before going into the treatments of ED, we have to look into the primary causes which affect our sexual ability. Some of these are inevitable and cannot be controlled, like age, but some can be avoided or controlled. That’s why knowing the causes of poor erection timing is so important.

Below we have shared all the possible causes of soft penis and Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Poor blood circulation to the penis causes Ed, so all blood-related diseases like Diabetes, blood pressure, etc., are the primary causes of soft penis.
  • An overweight and obese person has a much higher chance of having sexual disorders, including erection problems.
  • Alcohol and Smoking cause blood clotting, reducing the erection timing.
  • Low male hormone testosterones are the reason most men are unable to perform well sexually.
  • Not getting enough sleep makes the body fatigued and, hence, unable to hold an erection.
  • Any injury to the penis might also result in no erection during sex.
  • Depression and anxiety are also reasons for poor sexual performance.

Does Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Many people believe that the reason they have developed erection problems is their habit of masturbation. It is one of the Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis. It is just a myth, and a study proves that masturbation does not cause ED. Infect research shows that masturbation is good for mental health.

But there are some indirect effects of masturbation. Most people masturbate while watching porn. This is where things get complicated. Pornography has psychological effects, and it can affect the sexual performance of men due to a lack of confidence and sexual desire towards their partner.

How to Get Harder Erections Naturally?

How to Get Harder Erections Naturally

Most men believe that medications are the only answer to their poor sexual performance and softer erection. However, natural means can be more effective if carried out correctly. Also, natural treatments are always far from side effects.

We have discussed some of the most effective natural treatments for getting a harder erection. Also, these ways improve the overall sexual performance of the man.

Improving Diet

The food we eat has a significant effect on our sexual life. Oily food means poor blood flow and obesity, which will lead to ED. That is why it is important to consume healthy food and drinks. 

There are fruits and vegetables which increase the erection timing. Experts recommend eating kiwis, berries, nuts, and pomegranate juice to increase the erection timing in men. They are a great way to improve sexual health and performance.

Exercising Regularly

Men with poor stamina will have difficulty holding an erection for a long time. Men tend to be less active in their 40s, which can lead to erectile dysfunction. So, a straightforward way to get harder treatment is to be physically active.

Even 20 to 30 minutes of everyday workout is enough to keep the body active and the blood circulation in check. If you manage to maintain a routine of exercising every day, you might not need Viagra (Sildenafil) anymore to perform in bed.

Better Sleep

Those who ask How to Get Harder Erections should answer whether they are getting enough sleep. Men need 8 hours of straight sleep, or they will have fatigue and stress, which results in poor performance in bed.

Even men who have any sleeping disorder like insomnia should take medications to get enough sleep by consulting with their doctor.

Avoiding Alcohol

Natural treatments are not all about eating and drinking healthy. They also include avoiding what’s harmful, which includes alcohol. Alcohol has a high percentage of methanol in it, which contracts blood circulation and makes the body inactive. These effects cause the development of sexual disorders.

Men who drink more than one drink of alcohol every day have a much higher chance of getting ED. So, if you already have erection troubles, you must avoid drinking alcohol.

How to Get Harder Erections Medical Treatments?

Natural treatments are effective, but they might not help much in some cases. Especially when a person keeps ignoring his condition, the erectile dysfunction will get worse, and proper medical treatment becomes necessary to treat it. That is why we cannot ignore medical treatments at all.

Below, we have discussed some of the standard medical treatments that are proven to be extremely helpful for harder erection and improving sexual performance.


The first and most effective treatment that almost all medical professionals suggest to their patients is medications. There are many PDE5 inhibitor drugs that block relaxing enzymes in the body and improve blood circulation for more prolonged erection.

To use medications, we must have a doctor’s prescription. There are many medicines in the market, so it won’t be easy to decide on the right one. Also, the correct dose can only be prescribed by a professional. Some of the ED medicines are listed below.

Erection Pump

After the medicine, there are some devices that can also help men get a harder erection. Erection Pump is one of them. This is a device that increases blood circulation to the penis and erects it instantly.

Medications like Cialis (Tadalafil) don’t initiate the erection. They only work when the man gets sexually aroused. The erection pump, on the other hand, initiates the erection; however, it doesn’t help with lasting it for a long time.

Cock Ring

For those who only ask How to Get Harder Erections erection pump is best, but for those who want to hold it longer will need cock ring. This device also increases blood circulation, but it reminds one of the penis during intercourse.

Cock ring is a small T-shaped device that goes over the penis. It sits right on the penis vein and constantly initiates blood circulation. Cock ring is entirely safe and can be highly beneficial for men with erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone Supplements

Another tremendous medical treatment for getting a harder erection is using testosterone supplements. Testosterone is a male hormone, and when its percentage gets lower in the body, the erection timings get less as well.

So doctors prescribe some testosterone supplements to increase its percentage. This is a great way to treat ED and get a harder erection to perform better in bed.

How to get Harder Erections with Mental Treatments?

Mental health has a major impact on the sexual performance of men. Those with stress, anxiety and depression tend to have trouble getting a harder erection. So, we will focus on mental treatments as well to improve our sexual performance.

Getting Therapy

Therapy is a great way to cope with stress and anxiety. You can get individual therapy as well as couple therapy, which has proven to be extremely helpful. The therapist tries to improve your communication with your partner. 

By getting therapy, you get over the fear of not performing well in bed, which helps you distress and get a harder erection quickly and hold it longer.


Distressing is a crucial mental treatment and a valuable answer to the question of How to Get Harder Erections. For distressing, you can do yoga or any other practice that will keep you calm and relaxed.

Having a calm mind has excellent sexual benefits. If you are not stressed, you can hold a harder boner and maintain it throughout your sexual intercourse.

Where do you get medications and supplements for ED?

We have shared many medications and medical devices for increasing the erection timing. But what is the best store to get all these at the best quality? We recommend Damson Pharmacy because of our years of experience and thousands of positive reviews.

Also, Damson has a large inventory of ED medicine. Even the pills which are hard to find, like Avanafil (Stendra), are available in this store. Worldwide delivery service is available in countries like America, Australia, Germany and the UK.

Bottom Line

Erection is an essential part of sexual intercourse, and those men who deal with erectile dysfunction know how unsatisfied sex is for them and their partners. So, we must take immediate action to treat this condition and follow the treatments to get a harder erection and improve sexual performance.

We have answered in extreme detail the question of How to Get Harder erections. All the treatment methods discussed are beneficial and backed by studies and experts. Also, if you want to purchase any medication for improving your erection, you can buy them from Damson Pharmacy.


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