How Can I Make ED Medication More Effective

How can I Make ED medication More Effective

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in men which has numerous treatments available. Similarly, there is a huge variety of medicines that are effective and suggested by doctors to treat ED. Most of the certified medicines can easily give you the desired results however it may take some time.

 Therefore, if you need to Empower Your Performance along with taking pills then here’s a detailed guide for you. We have mentioned a few things you can do to enhance your ED Medicine so read till the end.

What is Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

Erectile dysfunction in men is a common sexual problem that prevents men to get or maintain erections as desired. This can be easily treated by using medicines and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Many herbal remedies are also available for ED however medical treatments are the quickest way for temporarily getting rid of ED. However, you can enhance the effects of these pills by doing some remedies and exercises which are also discussed here so read further.

Are ED Medicines Helpful?

Yes, medicines for ED are effective and can treat it temporarily for 4 to 6 hours. Most of these drugs are PDE-5 inhibitors and are suggested by health specialists according to the health condition of men. However, it will take some time to work and it may have some side effects.

Moreover, ED Medication Effectiveness depends on some factors like interaction with some drugs and foods. Similarly, by taking care of some things you can skillfully achieve your desired effects and can enhance your experience.

Most Effective Medicines for Erectile Dysfunction

Most Effective Medicines for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many ED pills that have similar compounds but are available under different brand names. However, they can be further classified by their components. Therefore below we have mentioned the best medicines that can help you to get rid of ED.

How to Enhance Effects of ED Medicine?

Below are some healthy tips that can help you Empower Your Performance without any side effects.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol doesn’t react with ED medicines thus it is not harmful however it might reduce the effects of these medicines. So anyone desiring the best results after taking medicine should avoid Alcohol or consume it in limit.

Similarly, drinking too much can interfere with the working of medicine which will make the medicine useless. 

Take Suitable Dosage

Dosage should be taken as prescribed by a doctor; not more or less than that. However, if you feel like the dosage is not enough then you should discuss with your doctor to increase dosage. Taking enough dosage according to your health will definitely Empower Your Performance.

But remember not to increase dosage without asking a doctor otherwise you might be overdosed which can be harmful to health.

Take Medicines On Time

If you want to achieve the best results then you should be punctual for taking medicines according to the doctor’s instructions. Furthermore, most of the ED pills work after 30-40 mins of consumption.

Similarly, you should be taking the pill a minimum of 30 minutes before sexual intercourse and its effects will last at least 4 hours. Moreover, the duration of effects for every medicine may vary therefore you should know about that before using any ED tablet.

Exercises For Natural Healing

Using Best ED Medication is good but doing exercises and maintaining a healthy diet is not only better for ED but can also create a very good impact on your overall health. Sometimes ED is related to mental stress which can be solved by doing yoga and other relaxing exercises.

Kegel and pelvic exercises are most effective for erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, it can also give you the desired results along with using medicines. Moreover, exercise is good for the overall body. Also, it doesn’t have any side effects so you can do it whenever you want.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food and avoiding junk food can also help in treating ED and will also encourage the medicines to give the best results. Also, eating too much oily food can be the reason for erectile dysfunction therefore you must consume less junk food.

Clove for Erectile Dysfunction is considered good as it consists of elements that naturally relax the blood vessels and enhance the blood flow around the penis. It doesn’t have any side effects so you can consume it with any other ED drug. Some other edibles that are good for ED are listed below:

  • Carrots are very healthy for men having ED, as it has a component needed for beta carotene which is significant for male fertility. Therefore, eating carrots will naturally help you.
  • Oatmeal has L-Arginine which is very effective for Recovery of Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Spinach is another helpful vegetable because it is rich in magnesium which enhances the flow of blood to the penis.
  • Avoid taking grapefruit and its juice with medicines for ED because it might interact and become harmful to you.

Tips to Get the Best Effects from Erectile Dysfunction Medicines

  • Pills might not be very effective for the first time so try them a few more times. But, if it still doesn’t work then change the medicine after discussing it with doctor.
  • Wait for some time after consuming the medicine to get the desired effects.
  • Take dosage according to the doctor’s prescription, don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t take these medicines with other medicines that have nitrates.
  • Always tell your doctor if you take any other drugs regularly for any disease you have.

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What is the strongest medicine for ED?

There are many suitable medicines for ED while the effects may vary from person to person. Cenforce 200mg is another good medication and is also preferred by doctors.

What is the easiest way to cure erectile dysfunction?

Medicines can quickly help you to treat ED however it is temporarily. You can also use natural remedies for gradually overcoming this problem.

What causes weak erections?

Physical problems like heart diseases, increased cholesterol levels, diabetes, obesity and mental issue like stress can cause weak erections. Unlimited smoking and drinking can also cause ED.


Medication is an advanced technique to overcome erectile dysfunction however you can do some natural remedies to make ED medication more effective. However maintaining good diet and doing exercise can solve all your problems naturally.


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