How to Control Sexual Desire with Medicine

How to Control Sexual Desire with Medicine

Sex is an important part of human life. Sexual desire plays a huge influence on both men and women, but can we Control Sexual Desire is a question most people ask. Those who have low sexual desire and those with a high proportion need to know whether they can control this part of their life or not.

Well, there have been many researches and studies on the sexual life of humans, especially on men, and the studies related to Sexual Desire and its Control are always interesting to many people, and we will discuss them all today.

If you also want to control your Sexual Desire and improve your sexual health, this article is going to be extremely informative for you. Ensure you read until the end to understand every important point we have shared.

Sexual Desire in Men and Women

There is a sexual drive in both men and women, which is also known as libido. In general, it is considered that men have high Sexual Desire due to their hormones, primarily the testosterones. The sex drive in both men and women is controlled by their respective hormones and some other factors.

A person who has a high libido or sex drive might see himself as abnormal or feel uncomfortable around others, but this is totally normal and just a reaction to the hormonal change in the body. We can Control Sexual Desire with medications and some other therapy options.

Factors Affecting the Sexual Desire

First, we will look into the factors that might cause the rise or reduction of sex drive in a person. Know that both the situations of rise and lowering of libido can be trouble for certain people. The common factors which can cause this change in a person are listed below.

  • Hormones Levels
  • Age
  • Mental Health 
  • Sexual Disorders
  • Medication Effects
  • Fatigue and Tiredness
  • Sexual Relationships

Impact of Uncontrolled Sexual Desire

A person who hasn’t controlled sexual desire and libido will see its negative impact on his everyday life. This part of our sexual life has a direct impact on our mental state and will occupy the person’s thoughts. Whether your libido is high or low, it will cause problems if you aren’t satisfied with it.

Some of the usual impacts of uncontrolled sexual desire on normal humans are shared below.

  • This will interface with your everyday work and social life.
  • Sleep and overall health will be affected by a sexually unsatisfied person.
  • This condition will affect the mental health of the person, causing anxiety and depression.
  • Most problematic relationships have poor sexual connection among the partners.
  • It becomes difficult to satisfy the partner or yourself if one has uncontrolled Sexual Desire.

Medications to Control Sexual Desire

Medications to Control Sexual Desire

Medications can be a great way to lower sexual desire in men. Cyproterone is a well-known drug that lowers the libido or sexual desire in men and treats their hypersexuality condition. If a patient thinks that the natural treatments or therapies are not working for his sex drive, he can use the medications.

One thing to ensure is a consultation with a doctor before taking Cyproterone or any other medicine for the sex drive. Especially if your goal is to lower sexual desire, some other medicines are listed below.

  • Morphine
  • Oxycodone
  • Ketoconazole
  • Cimetidine
  • Antidepressants

Dietary Treatment

Other than the obvious treatment, which is medication, we also have the option of some natural treatment to control our libido. We have food supplements and organic resources that have some mental and sexual advantages to help a person perform better sexually and get more satisfaction.

  • Aphrodisiac foods, which can include Maca, Tribulus, Red Ginseng, Pistachio Nuts, etc., can help you increase your sexual desire naturally.
  • Anaphrodisiac foods are great for lowering the sexual drive and controlling it. Some foods from this class are Beets, Coffee, Chocolate, etc.


There is a high probability that the lack or high sex drive you are facing is not because of any physical factor. Mental health has a huge impact on the sex drive of a person, and this can be cured with therapeutic treatments.

It is highly suggested to get sex therapy and counseling and get into couples therapy to control Sexual Desire and promote healthy sexual relations.

Medications to Boost Sex Drive

Some people have the problem of less sexual drive, which affects their overall sexual performance and their relationship with their partner as well. Men and women who want to Control Sexual Desire and increase it can consult with their doctors and start taking medications to boost their libido.

Many medications can cure the sexual disorder in a person and increase their sexual desire due to the psychological effects. You can use any of the following medicines after consulting with your doctor.

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Bottom Line

Sexual health is equally important to a man’s overall health as physical or mental health. Men and women can suffer from conditions related to sex, and uncontrolled sexual desire is one of them. Its impacts are shared in detail; now you know what adverse changes can affect your everyday life.

Luckily, there are ways to control Sexual Desire, whether one wants to increase it or lower it. But you must get the treatment early and contact your doctor. If you are prescribed any medication like Cenforce 100mg, get it from Damson to ease your treatment.


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