Male Sexual Disorders: What Are the Common Sexual Problems?

Male Sexual Disorders What Are the Common Sexual Problems

There are a myriad of Male Sexual Disorders existing around the world. Some of them are very common and found in approximately 30% of the world’s male population. Whereas sexual problems are often neglected and hesitated to be discussed and many people take it as a taboo topic.

However, discussing and treating it with the help of a medical expert is as important as treating any other disease. So here we will talk about some of the most common sexual dysfunction for men and its possible treatments. Furthermore, below you can be aware of what you can do to prevent these problems and more, so read till the end.

Male Sexual Disorders: What Are The Common Problems?

Male Sexual Disorders What Are The Common Problems

Many reasons can lead a man to struggle during sex including cardiovascular diseases, depression, diabetes, and lack of blood flow in the penis. However different physical health issues can cause many Common Sexual Problems, and some of them are discussed below with their possible medical treatments.

ED in Men

One of the most usual sexual disorders for men is not being able to erect or maintain a firm erection. It is called Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and it occurs when there is a lack of blood flow in the penis. Many different physical diseases can cause this problem such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, old age, and other diseases which can reduce the blood flow. Whereas it is a curable disease.

Treatment for ED

  • The diverse medicinal technology has already figured out the treatment for ED which is done through medicines. 
  • A man can take medicines prescribed by a doctor such as Sildenafil Citrate (Cenforce) for temporarily treating ED.
  • These types of medicines are taken about half an hour before sex and they can help in maintaining a proper erection until four to six hours after consuming the pill.
  • Mostly these are oral medications and are prescribed by many physicians as it doesn’t give severe side effects. 

Low Libido

Medicines like Super p force and other treatments can easily help a person to maintain a healthy erection. However, it can still not help in initiating the erection without sexual desire. Similarly, a lack of desire for sex and not enough excitement for it is called Low Libido in medical terms. It is majorly caused by depression, physical weakness, low testosterone levels, Aging, laziness, and relationship problems.

Treatment for Low Libido

  • Exercise and consuming a healthy diet can help.
  • Improving relationships and communication with partners and therapies can treat low libido problems.
  • Get rid of anxiety and a bad sleep schedule to improve the treatment.
  • Drugs that are prescribed by doctors are also very effective, you can skillfully find medicines for low libido from Damson Pharmacy.


Priapism or prolonged ejaculation is another painful problem in which a man gets a continuous erection prolonged and uncontrollable. Priapism can occur without any sexual stimulation or desire and can last longer than 2 hours. It requires immediate treatment otherwise if not treated within 24 hours, the consequences can be severe.

It can be caused by blood disorders, excessive drug usage, injury, and prescription medicines. However most of the time it is caused by side effects of ED pills. Therefore, you should not use medicines like Tadalafil (Vidalista) and others without asking a doctor.

Treatment for Male Sexual Disorders: Priapism 

  • If priapism is not severe and only a painful erection occurs then you can use ice packs for swollen areas without directly using ice on the skin. Use it with clothes.
  • Immediate medical care would be needed for this type of Male Sexual Disorders when the erection is prolonged to 2 or more hours. The doctors might treat it with medicines to reduce blood flow into the penis or sometimes can use other ways to stop it such as ejecting blood by syringe. 
  • Surgery can be an option too but is performed in very few cases. 

Delayed Ejaculation 

Another part of Male Sexual Disorders is when a man is unable to get an erection when tries to erect even after being sexually stimulated. So it takes longer to erect or he may also not ejaculate at all. The delay can happen even if they can maintain a proper erection and have enough desire. It can also happen during sex or masturbation.

You might also be suffering from this disorder if it is difficult for you to erect within 60 minutes when sexually stimulated or if you often cannot erect on command. Strong medicines for pain, antidepressants, hypertension medication, cardiac diseases, and unlimited alcohol are the reasons to create this problem.

Treatment for Delayed Ejaculation

You should discuss this problem with your doctor as only he can figure out what is causing it and can treat you with medicines. Super Tadarise can also be helpful for its treatment.

Premature Ejaculation

This problem is when a man is unable to get an erection when tries to erect for longer, and is finished before expected. It is one of the very common Male Sexual Disorders and is found in 1 of every 3 men. You might also suffer from this problem if you cannot maintain an erection for as long as desired. Similarly you should discuss it with your doctor.

Treatment for Premature Ejaculation (PE)

  • Duratia is the medicine commonly used and prescribed by doctors to treat PE, while there are also many other treatments available. 
  • Exercise and a healthy diet can also save you from these types of problems during sex.

Dry Orgasms

This is also a part of Male Sexual Disorders in which a man would feel like ejaculating but no semen comes out of the penis. Sometimes it feels like regular orgasms while sometimes the sensations are reduced. It happens when there is no semen left in the body which is not common while usually it is caused by retrograde erection.

This occurs when the semen goes backward to the bladder and causes cloudy urine after a dry orgasm. It can be caused by a spinal injury, nerve damage due to diabetes, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or surgery.

Lack of testosterone levels, hormone problems, blocked ducts, and conditions where the production of sperm is reduced are also some reasons leading to this sexual disorder.

Treatment for Dry Orgasm

Doctors might suggest some medicines to treat retrograde ejaculation and it may also include Vardenafil (Levitra) to enhance the treatment. The doctor may also advise you with some other techniques and may also change the prescription medicines. You should not change routine medication without asking from the doctor.

Bottom Line

Various Male Sexual Disorders are very common in men around the world whereas we lack awareness about these problems. Therefore we should educate ourselves more about these problems to prevent them and to maintain a healthy relationship with our partner.


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