Overcoming Painful Ejaculation: A Full Guide

Overcoming Painful Ejaculation A Full Guide

There are many other problems in men except erectile dysfunction that should not be ignored. One of the least discussed but an important issue is a Painful Ejaculation. People might neglect this problem however; this can be a symptom of major underlying health issues. Therefore, it should be treated. 

Furthermore, people are still confused about its treatment and symptoms. Therefore, here we have all the information you need to know about this disease. Read till the end to acknowledge the importance of this problem and how you can treat it. 

What is Painful Ejaculation? 

This condition is also known as Dysorgasmia which is a distressing condition and can also lead to other serious health conditions. Not only physical health but it can also affect mental health, reduce self-esteem, and may also cause relationship issues. Neglecting it can be dangerous. 

People often hesitate to talk about it however if anybody is suffering from this condition should immediately ask a doctor without feeling embarrassed. Furthermore, men should get medical help. 

Doctors also suggest Cenforce 100 mg to treat this symptom. However, there are more ways to treat it that are also discussed below. 

Causes of Pain While Erection 

Here are some conditions that can cause a painful erection: 

  • Some ED Pills may give severe side effects that may include painful erection. This side effect should not be ignored. 
  • Peyronie’s disease is causes that is mostly shown in older people. 
  • Priapism is a disease that can cause prolonged erections and can also cause severe pain. 
  • Blood disorders are another cause. 
  • Trauma, infection, or inflammation in the penis or urinary tract can also give a painful erection. 
  • Sleep-related painful erections are rare in men and can occur while sleeping. 
  • Penile tumors can occur in blood vessels which can cause pain during erection. However, it can be the condition in some rare cases. 
  • Penile lichen sclerosis is another disease that causes severe painful erection. 
  • Sexually transmitted diseases. 

Painful Erection: Symptoms 

We have listed some symptoms caused by painful erections. These symptoms may vary from person to person according to their age and health conditions.  

  • Pain in the pelvic region 
  • Discomfort or pain while erection 
  • Difficulty in passing urine 
  • Burning sensations 
  • Reduced self-esteem and affected mental health 
  • Erectile dysfunction and diminished sexual desires. 

This pain might occur for a few minutes to 24 hours and can become quite severe. In case of any severity, the person should seek medical help. 

Painful Urination After Ejaculation 

Pain in urination after erection is a harmful sign. Indicating more severe conditions like urinary tract infections, prostatitis, or other sexually transmitted diseases. Urethritis is another possible disease linked to the problem.  

Consulting a doctor is the most important thing one should do if one encounters this situation. Only a professional can help you get rid of these symptoms and can cure them according to your health. 

Diagnoses of the Cause of Painful Erection

Diagnoses of the Cause of Painful Erection

Diagnosing the cause of this problem is most important to start treatment. It can be done by different medical procedures so the doctor can identify the underlying problem. These procedures may be different according to the health of a patient. 

Medical History 

Checking the medical history of the patient is a crucial point in diagnosis to suspect the disease. Also, it can help doctors to distinguish which procedure is better for you and they can skillfully identify the disease.  

It can also help doctors to decide which medication is suitable for you and which medicine can be harmful. Moreover, it can help treatment to be finished smoothly without any problems. 

Physical Examination  

Health experts will do a physical examination to learn about your exact health condition. They will examine the genitals, prostate, and pelvis and you will not feel any pain or side effects due to this procedure. 

The doctors may also ask you about discomfort, pain, or symptoms so you don’t need to hesitate and should tell them in detail.

Blood and Urine Testing 

This is the most authentic and easiest way to recognize the disease. Blood tests might be suggested by your doctors to get authentic results about your problem. Furthermore, urine tests are also done in a laboratory from which doctors can identify your disease. 

Sexual History 

Healthcare providers might also ask you about your sexual history to figure out if it’s some kind of sexually transmitted disease. At that time, you should tell your doctor everything without hesitation so it will help him to treat you skillfully. 

Imaging Studies 

Sometimes doctor also suggests imaging tests like ultrasound or MRI to get a clear diagnosis and to check problem within the genitourinary system. 

Help from Specialist 

According to your test reports, your doctor might suggest you a urologist or other sexual medicine expert. There they might also suggest some advanced tests or may also start the treatment after judging the previous reports. 

Treatment for Painful Erection

Most of the doctors suggest medical treatment for this problem according to your health. Medication, physical therapy, and psychotherapy are some usual treatments. Furthermore, Kamagra Tab 100 mg is another medicine that doctors may suggest to you. 

This is a common issue that is curable therefore, there are many ways that your doctor might suggest you. Accordingly, the treatment will also include diet care and exercises to get better results. Changing lifestyle that can be harmful to your health can be very beneficial for you. 

Home Remedies for Painful Ejaculation

Suhagra 100 mg is another medical treatment for this. However, do you know that you can do some home remedies to get cured faster? So here are some tips for home remedies that you can try to reduce the symptoms. 

  • Cranberry juice and supplements can be beneficial for treating erection pain.
  • Echinacea might also be helpful for you while suffering from a painful erection caused by inflammation. 
  • Turmeric is also good for treating or reducing painful symptoms. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Normal to Wake Up with a Painful Erection? 

No, you should seek medical help if you encounter such an issue. 

How Do You Get Rid of Erection Pain? 

Besides medical treatment, placing a warm cloth on the penis might also help you to get rid of pain.

What Causes a Painful Ejaculation?

Infection or inflammation can also be the reasons to cause pain during erection. More causes are also discussed above.


There can be different causes of pain during erection therefore anyone who is suffering from it should consult a doctor. Medical treatment can give a permanent solution to your problem so you should not hesitate or neglect this problem and discuss it with your doctor.


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