What is the link between Sildenafil and Alcohol

What is the link between Sildenafil and Alcohol

Erectile dysfunction is a widely common sexual disorder in men over the age of 40. Even though treatments are available for this disease, people are unaware of the precautions and safety measures. Knowing the Link between Sildenafil and Alcohol before starting this treatment to be safe. Every ED drug is quite interactive in nature, and it can have severe side effects on the patient’s body if it interacts with the wrong medicine or food item. Alcohol is one of these adversely interactive food items. We will discuss more about the interaction between alcohol and Sildenafil further in the article. This information is going to be very helpful for every man taking ED drugs. Make sure to read till the end and don’t miss any points.

About Sildenafil Tablets

Sildenafil is the base component of every ED drug. It is a PDE5 inhibitor that improves blood circulation in the body by blocking the relaxing enzyme Phosphodiesterase Type 5. It is safe and FDA-approved and can be used by any man over the age of 40.Sildenafil is a very popular drug that is available worldwide in multiple-dose quantities. Selecting the dose depends on the age of the patient and how severe his erection problem is. The dose quantity ranges from 25 to 100 mg. One must be aware of the fact that Sildenafil is not a permanent treatment for ED. It is only a temporary aid for increasing the erection timing in men.

How Sildenafil Works?

The working mechanism of Sildenafil is quite simple but very impressive. Our body has an enzyme called PDE5. This relaxing enzyme reduces blood circulation and keeps the muscles relaxed. Sildenafil’s task is to block this enzyme from the genital region. Initially, as the Sildenafil blocks the PDe5, getting

the erection becomes easy. With slight sexual arousal, the person will get an erection immediately due to the effect of Sildenafil on his body. Next is to hold the erection for a long time. The constant blood supply to the penis makes sure it gets erect for a longer time. Also, 4 hours of Sildenafil effect doesn’t mean 4 hours of erection. It means during these 4 hours, the erection will be easy to get and will last for a long time.

Benefits of Using Sildenafil

Sildenafil is a very beneficial medicine for men’s health. Most of the men only know this drug for treating erection disorder. However, studies suggest otherwise. There could be some other benefits of this drug rather than just increasing the erection time. We have shared below all the possible benefits of Sildenafil, both physical and sexual.

  • Sildenafil is the most effective drug for increasing the erection timing in men.
  • It is FDA-approved and safe for all men over 18.
  • You can use Sildenafil for a long time without considering the risk of any serious side effects.
  • This drug can also treat premature ejaculation, a sexual disorder in men.
  • It has been proven that ED caused by overconsumption of alcohol can be treated with Sildenafil.
  • Sildenafil and many other ED pills like Viagra 50 improve the stamina in men to perform better sexually.
  • Sildenafil also helps men with their depression and acts as an anti-stress drug.

Alcohol and its Effect on ED

Alcohol is one of the major reasons for developing erection disorder in men. Men who consume alcohol daily and are somewhat addicted to it have higher chances of getting sexual disorders like ED before the age of 40.Alcohol has a huge proportion of ethanol in it, which reduces blood circulation in the body. So, if a man already has ED, his condition will only be getting worse due to alcohol consumption. Alcohol also lowers the effect of the ED medicine that you are taking.

The link between Sildenafil and Alcohol

As discussed earlier, alcohol affects the drugs we are taking to treat erection disorder. The sildenafil effect also gets lower by a huge margin due to alcohol consumption. ED is already very interactive, and alcohol is something you must avoid while taking these drugs. Sildenafil is a medicine that increases blood circulation in the body; alcohol does the complete opposite. So, both these together will cause crazy changes in your blood circulation and affect your blood pressure and heartbeat. Alcohol also reduces the impact of ED pills on the body. This means you will not get any benefit from Sildenafil; instead, the risk of side effects will increase.

Possible Side Effects of Mixing Sildenafil and Alcohol

Due to the strong link between Sildenafil and Alcohol, the possibility of side effects is very high. Every man must be aware of these side effects to deal with dangerous situations safely. We have shared the possible side effects of interaction between Sildenafil and alcohol below.

  • Dizziness
  • Blurred Vision
  • Heart Palpitation
  • Migraines
  • Kidney Infection
  • Rashes
  • Damage to the Penis

Minimizing the Link between Sildenafil and Alcohol

Interaction of alcohol and Sildenafil will cause side effects and will be hazardous to men’s health. So we must take necessary precautions to minimize this risk. There are some tips that can help men drink alcohol while still not affecting their erection problem. The best solution is to avoid drinking alcohol at all. Still, as some are addicted and cannot control themselves, these tips will surely help them in the short term.

Lower the Quantity

If you are taking Sildenafil and drinking alcohol every day, you should lower the quantity. Studies suggest that safe alcohol consumption for men is two or fewer drinks per day. If you stick to this quantity, you will have a lower risk of facing the side effects mentioned above.

Take Breaks

We should take non-alcoholic drinks breaks in between the alcoholic drinks. This will help your body digest the alcohol faster and more easily. As only two alcoholic drinks are allowed, you try to drink two to three non-alcohol drinks in between to minimize the impact of alcohol on your body.

Let Sildenafil Leave the Body

Alcohol and Sildenafil mustn’t interact with each other. For this, you must wait until Sildenafil leaves your body completely. You shouldn’t drink alcohol within 16 hours of taking Sildenafil to minimize the risks of side effects. Within this time, the pill’s effect will wear off your body completely, and there will be no Link between Sildenafil and Alcohol.

Know Your Limit

Man must be aware of his limit for alcohol consumption. There is a safe limit, like two or three drinks, which doesn’t affect you and make you drunk. To avoid the side effects like dizziness, blurred vision, and migraines, you must drink within your limit and don’t cross it.

Alternatives of Sildenafil for ED Treatments

If you are not allowed to take Sildenafil for some reason, there are still many options for you. ED medicines are very wide in numbers, most of which are as effective as Sildenafil. We have shared some popular names in the ED medicine category. Like the Link between Sildenafil and Alcohol, all the listed medications are also interactive with alcohol. Patients should consult with their doctor before taking any of the listed medicines.

Where Can I Buy Quality ED Drugs From?

Another way to minimize the side effects of Sildenafil is to use high-quality medicine. We recommend Damson Pharmacy for the purchase of any ED drug. You can get 100% original, high-quality, FDA-approved medicines in this store at very cheap rates. The store outsources the drugs directly from the manufacturer, so the medicine rates are very low in this store. The medicine suppliers of Damson Medicine are well known for their good quality products. One of the best features of Damson is its fast delivery service. Medicine delivery is available worldwide in Australia, America, Germany, and Canada. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep fast and safely.

Safety Measures

Precautions and safety measures are very important to limit the side effects and carry on the treatment with ED drugs. Following the safety measures will minimize the risk of getting side effects. These tips can also deal with the side effects caused by the Link of Sildenafil and Alcohol.

  • Avoid taking two pills or overdosing yourself with ED drugs.
  • Avoid driving after taking ED pills due to the vision blurriness effect of the medicine.
  • Avoid taking Sildenafil and drinking alcohol at the same time.
  • Purchase your ED pills like Kamagra 100 from a trusted store to ensure the quality.
  • Consult with your doctor before taking any medicine.
  • Try to avoid drinking alcohol with Sildenafil to limit the Link between Sildenafil and Alcohol.

Bottom Line

ED drugs are the best treatment to improve the sexual health of men. Erectile disorder affects the sexual life of men a lot. Men became unable to satisfy their partners and perform well during sex due to this disorder. This is why taking Sildenafil or any other ED pill becomes necessary for men. Taking ED pills will require more attention from you. One thing you must keep in mind is the Link between Sildenafil and Alcohol. You can follow the tips mentioned in this article. If you identify any adverse effects, immediately report to your doctor and get medical attention.

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