Why Are ED Pills so Expensive

Why are ED Pills so Expensive

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most dangerous and common sexual disorders among men. According to a study, around 30 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction. This is a vast proportion.

In this condition, men are unable to hold erections for longer periods. The blood circulation doesn’t work properly, leading to ED and other sexual problems. As a result, men have to use some medication to cure their sexual dysfunction.

A huge increase has been in sexual medication prices recently. ED Pills so Expensive right now. We will discuss the reasons for this high price rate of drugs and how you can get these medications at low rates.

Introduction to ED Drugs

Erectile dysfunction is a disease caused by muscle relaxation and irregular blood flow in the human body. The blood flow decreases in men’s penal region, causing less erection timing. The ED drugs have PDE5 inhibitors that block the enzyme, causing muscle relaxation.

The ED drugs work wonderfully. They increase the blood flow in the genital pat f men, which helps them hold erections for longer periods. The ED drugs are highly effective, that why the Price for Erectile Dysfunction Drugs so high. And especially the famous ED drugs prices are increasing day by day.

Viagra: the Most Effective ED Drug

Viagra is one of the most popular names in the sexual medical industry. If you have ever experienced some sexual problem, you must be aware of this drug. This drug is said to be the most effective one among all ED drugs. This pill works not only effectively against erectile dysfunction but also many other sexual disorders.

The most common Viagra dosage is Viagra 100 mg, but it is also available in many other doses. Viagra is also considered to be a very expensive treatment. The price of each Viagra dose starts from 70$, which is very high. But if you can afford this price, Viagra is the best solution for all your sexual problems.

Who can Take Viagra?

As we have mentioned earlier, Viagra is effective against many sexual disorders. But we must know that Viagra is no benefit to a healthy person. Instead, it can cause many health problems and allergic reactions in a healthy man.

But if you have a sexual problem like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc., you can take Viagra. But we suggest you consult with your doctor before any medication that has Sildenafil Citrate, like Viagra, Cenforce, Fildena, etc.

Men above the age of 18 can take Viagra. But as Viagra so Expensive, they might not afford it. In that situation, there are some cheap alternatives that they can use. But ensure to ask your doctor before taking any drug.

Reasons Why ED Pills So Expensive?

Reasons Why Are ED Pills So Expensive

Erectile dysfunction is a very common disorder. And if we ignore this condition, it results in developing many other health problems. But the prices of ED drugs are increasing every day. We have discussed the reasons why the prices are increasing every day.

High Demand

Like every other product, the rates of medicines also increase when the demand increases. As we have already mentioned how much men are affected by erection problems, so they all need medication for their problem.

The solution for this can be the high production of ED medicines. Governments should open new industries to meet the needs of patients.

Brand Name Drugs

All the brand-name medicine are expensive. ED Pills are so expensive. Viagra High Price is because it is a brand name drug, and it has many expenses in its production. Hence the company sells it at a very high rate compared to generic medicines. 

If you cannot afford brand-name medicine like Viagra, you can use generic pills instead. They are as effective as the branded ones but less expensive.

Highly Effective

ED Pills so expensive because they are highly effective. Patients see that the medicine is much more effective, so the company charges the customers because the medicine is so effective.

If you use generic medicine instead, they have the same effect and will save you money. These generic pills don’t have any side effects as well.

Pharmaceutical Industry Greed

Most pharmaceutical companies get greedy. Once they see the potential of their product, they increase its rate. The same goes for sexual medications. These are highly effective products, so the companies charge more than expected.

To control this rate government should take some precautions and control the rates to be customer friendly.

How to Get Cheap ED Medicines

People usually find it difficult to afford these expensive ED medications. ED Pills so Expensive that most people avoid getting the treatment and just keep on living with the condition. However, this is very dangerous.

We have managed to find some solution for this price problem. Below are some tips that can help find Fair Price for ED Drugs for Sex

Generic Pills

The easiest way to treat your erection problem cheaply is to use generic drugs. Generic medicine is the replica of the brand name medication like Viagra. But their prices are low due to lack of advertisement and other expenses.

Affordable Pharmaceutical Store

Some stores like this Damson Pharmacy offer generic and Brand Name Medicine at low prices. They brought the medicine directly from the manufacturer, which decreased the purchase cost. Hence they sell these medicine at low rates compared to the market.

Natural Treatments

As ED Pills so expensive, you can use natural health measures to save yourself from these expensive medicines. You can use the fruits and vegetables like kiwi, pineapple, and berries which improve sexual health.


Getting treatment for your disease or disorder should be the priority. And especially for your sexual disorders. If you get the treatment on time, the condition can get worse. But as the ED Pills so Expensive, it is difficult for some people to get effective treatment. But we have mentioned the solution to this problem.

There are many alternatives to Viagra and other expensive brand-name drugs. You can use them instead of these medicines. But make sure to ask your doctor before taking any medicine. And stick to the dose quantity he suggests. 


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