8 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis

8 Things You Didn't Know About Your Penis

The human body is a module of perfection. Every body part and organ has specific functions, and none can be ignored for us to carry on with our lives. Men’s penis is one of them, and there are many Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis that will be discussed in this article.

Most men only think of the penis as a tool of reproduction; however, there are some facts about this organ that will surprise you. This article shares some interesting facts about this fantastic male body part. Many research studies support the information we have discussed. 

Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis

Things You Didn't Know About Your Penis

There are some misconceptions about the male genitalia that has to be cleared out. Most men are unaware of many important facts about their penis, which can make them insecure and depressed. Men are usually very passionate about their penis, so the following information will clear many confusions men have.

1. Morning Wood

Have you ever wondered why you have your wood saluting every morning? Well, this is one of the Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis, but it does have an explanation. The reason for an erection in the morning is Rapid Eye Movement or REM.

When we sleep, our body goes through different stages. One of them is called Rapid Eye Movement. In this stage, our eyes move in different directions during sleep. This causes an increase in blood flow in the body and upholds erection. According to research, an average person gets 3 to 5 erections during his sleep.

2. Grower and Show-er

There are two types of penises when categorized based on their size before and after erection. One is a grower, which straight forward means the size of the penis gets bigger when it gets fully erect. This type of penis is small in size when flaccid.

The other is Show-er. It does not get too big when it is fully erected. There may be just a one or 2-inch difference before and after erection. This type of penis is large while flaccid and after erection no considerable difference in size.

3. The Actual Size is Two Times

One of the Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis is its true size. Most men are usually very insecure about their penis size. They will be pleased to know that, in reality, the actual size of their penis is twice what we see.

The second part of the penis is inside the human body. It forms a boomerang shape inside the pelvis, connecting with the pubic bone. Some men might argue that this does not benefit them, but it is a fact.

4. A Habitat for Bacteria

Not to freak you out, but the human body is a habitat of many microorganisms, including bacteria. According to research on the skin of the penis, there are 42 specific types of bacteria surviving all the time.

These bacteria find the skin of the penis a perfect environment for their survival. Another theory suggests that the anaerobic bacteria on the penis skin improve the immunity against HIV-infected cells.

5. Age Affects the Penis

As the man gets older, along with other body parts, his penis also gets changed in some sense. That can be in the subject of size or its ability to perform. After 40, the testosterone levels in men get lower a lot which affects their penis health as well.

The effects of age are Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis but are important to know. As a man gets over 40, he should take the necessary steps to keep his sexual and penis health in check. Do regular checkups and even take medications like Sildenafil Citrate if necessary.

6. Blood Circulation is the Key

Blood circulation is an integral part of the penis’s health. Bad blood circulation in the body means shorter erection timing, which forces the man to use pills like Cenforce 150 to perform sexually.

With good blood circulation, the penis erection timing gets better. So, if you have any sexual disorder, specifically an erection problem, do activities to improve your blood flow. Eat healthy to clear your blood vessels from blockage and allow smooth blood flow.

7. Mind Controls the Penis

One of the major Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis is its connection with the human brain. Sexual health is connected very strongly with mental health. If you are stressed or depressed, your penis will not function properly, forcing you to use pills like Cenforce 200.

8. Pleasures Zones

Many men believe that the underside of their penis head is the sensitive part. However, researches and actual studies prove that this isn’t the only sensitive part of the male penis. The shaft’s underside and the head or glans are also very sensitive.

Other sensitive parts or Things You Didn’t Know About Your Penis are the upper and both sides of the glen endpins itself, the foreskin and the upper side of the shaft. Also, this sensitivity of the penis will get lower along with the age.

Medications to Improve Penis Function

It is almost inevitable that our penis will stop working eventually, and its performance will not last for a long time. So, we must be prepared for that time and be aware of the treatments and helping supplements. Luckily, medications are available for improving men’s sexual performance. 

Sildenafil-based erectile Dysfunction Pills are widely popular, and you can use them to increase your erection timing, but make sure to consult with your doctor before. All sorts of ED pills are available at Damson Pharmacy. You can purchase your medicines here at the best quality and rates.

Bottom Line

The human body is a cluster of wonders, and to this date, thousands of research studies have been done to understand our body. The penis is one of these wonders that not only has the reproduction in its control but also the satisfaction for men. So, as much as we know about it better, it is for our sexual and mental health.

We have shared some of the most unique information and precisely Things You Didn’t Know about Your Penis. These facts will clear many of your confusion and misconceptions. Furthermore, you will feel more confident about your body.


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