Be Aware: List of Fake ED Pills Sold In The UK

Be Aware List of Fake ED Pills Sold In The UK

Men have avoided their sexual health problems for a long time. But now it is getting the attention needed. Patients are getting medications for their sexual disorders, especially for Erectile Dysfunction. And with this high demand, the number of Fake ED Pills Sold in the UK has increased.

These fake drugs are extremely dangerous for everyone. And they must be eradicated from the market as soon as possible. This article will share some tips for identifying a fake drug. Keep reading the article to get maximum information and be safe from any counterfeit medicines on the market.

Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Erectile dysfunction pills are currently the best treatment for sexual disorders like ED and premature ejaculation. These drugs have Sildenafil Citrate in them, which acts as a PDE5 inhibitor.

As the body gets maximum blood circulation, the body parts work effectively. So does the penal region. This way, men are able to hold their erections for a more extended period. But if these drugs are fake, they can cause some serious damage to the body. Hence the quality of the ED matters a lot.

Side Effects of Using Fake ED Drugs

Side Effects of Using Fake ED Drugs

Medicine therapy is a complicated treatment that requires a lot of precautions. Especially the quality of the drug you are taking has to be 100% original. Fake drugs have multiple side effects and disadvantages for the patients. We have discussed some of the core side effects fake drugs can have on you.

Health Hazards

Fake drugs are highly dangerous to human health. All the Fake ED Pills Sold In the UK has caused different disease and disorder in thousands of men. These health hazards include developing multiple kidney and heart diseases.

Many heart diseases are because of the fake drugs you might take unknowingly. The fake pills are either expired, which can cause kidney failure, or have toxic ingredients that can damage your heart health.

Untreated ED

The basic goal of taking ED medication is to treat the erection problem. But the problem with these fake ED drugs is that they are ineffective. Or they have a very slight effect on the body. In short, these fake drugs don’t solve the erection problem.

Hence, not only will you have possible side effects with these fake drugs, but your condition will not improve. Instead, they will worsen the condition and make your problem more severe.

Imbalance Dose

One thing common in all the Fake ED Pills Sold in the UK captured is that they didn’t have the exact dose as mentioned in their packing. For example, if the dosage says the Cenforce Viagra is 50 mg, it was 100 mg instead.

This imbalance in dose quantity has endangered many lives. As we know, a slight up or down in dose quantity can be life-threatening. So in these fake drugs, the dose quantity is different than the actual.

Toxic Unlisted Ingredients

The fake drugs don’t provide eth right ingredients list. They mentioned some active ingredients linked to erectile dysfunction and the most genuine ED pills. But all the other ingredients in the fake pills become a problem for the patient’s health.

These unlisted toxic parts of the medicine can seriously interact with other medications in our system. They can cause infection in the patient’s body. And as the listing is incomplete, you cannot find which ingredient has affected you.

How to Identify a Fake Drug

We can’t mention all the fake medicine in this single article. The scammers are creating a new fake replica of the ED pill daily. Hence you must know the way to identify these fake medicine. We have listed a few tips to identify these Fake ED Pills Sold in the UK.

Check Label

The packing of the medicine says a lot about the medication itself. First, you must ensure that the medicine is packed correctly. There is no breakage of the seal. And the label behind the medicine packing is not scratched.

FDA Approved

Another very important hint of the quality of the medicine is its approval. The drug has to be FDA-approved. Every FDA-approved drug is always 100% original and safe for the patients. You can look for FDA approval on the company’s website.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews also help you identify the quality of the product. During the online purchase, look for the customer reviews of the medicine. If the reviews are bad and people are complaining, it is highly possible the drug is fake.

List of Fake ED Pills Sold In the UK

The list of fake erection pills sold in the market is very long. And the number is increasing every day. We have mentioned some of the famous fake ED pills on the market. Make sure you never take them. 

Where to Purchase ED Pills in the UK

With all the details we have provided till now, you must have known the importance of genuine medicine. So now the question would be where to get genuine medication. We suggest you all purchase all your ED drugs from the Damson Pharmacy. This store has been popular for providing high-quality medicines for many years.

This Damson store is the best option for purchasing ED pills online, especially in the UK. They also have a vast stock of Generic Medicines. And they offer low-cost delivery service all around the world. You will get fast and safe delivery in the UK, America, France, Japan, or any country.

Bottom Line

Fake medication has been proven life-threatening and is still the number one problem for the patient. We must take precautions to avoid these counterfeit drugs in the market. We have mentioned the list of Fake ED Pills Sold in the UK, so you must avoid using them.

We also advise you to get your drugs checked by your doctor before taking them. They can identify whether they are fake or real. Or you can use the tips mentioned above to identify a fake drug. Also, please share this information with your friends so they all are safe from such dangerous scams.


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