High Blood Pressure and Sex: Explain the challenges

High Blood Pressure and Sex: Explain the challenges

The sexual health of a man and woman depends on his overall health. This will include physical and mental health. The blood circulation factors most of the body function; hence, we see a strong link between High Blood Pressure and Sex.

Men or women who suffer from high or low Blood Pressure tend to develop sexual difficulties and are not sexually satisfied most of the time. Irregulation in blood flow is the reason for many sexual dysfunction in men and women.

In this article, we will be looking into the effect of High Blood Pressure on the sexual life of a person. We will also discuss the possible treatment options we have. So read the article thoroughly to get all the important details.

Impact of High Blood Pressure on Sex

The speed or force of blood that circulates within the body is called blood pressure. Experts say the ideal or normal blood pressure is 120/80. Any number lower or higher than this is an irregulation.

Any fluctuation in blood pressure will have an impact on the sexual performance of both men and women. Below, we have shared some of the effects men and women with High Blood Pressure will face due to High Blood Pressure and Sex.

In Men

  • High Blood Pressure damages the blood vessels taking blood throughout the penis. This means there will be less blood circulation in the penis.
  • Less blood flow due to High Blood Pressure causes sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Men become unable to hold their erection for the desired time duration or, even worse, can’t get an erection at all.
  • High Blood Pressure and Sex will affect the ejaculation in men. You might face premature ejaculation, which will affect the sexual intercourse.
  • It’s been seen that men with ED, due to High Blood Pressure, develop anxiety and stress.

In Women

The High Blood Pressure and sex linkage in women hasn’t been explored much, but the information we know about these two is shared here. We have shared the effects High Blood Pressure can have on the sex life of a woman.

  • High Blood Pressure causes the lack of blood flow to the vagina in women.
  • Nitric oxide levels become lower in women due to High Blood Pressure which means tense muscles in the vaginal region.
  • Women with High Blood Pressure usually have less sexual desire and arousal, which affects their sexual life.
  • This might also make it difficult for the women to get orgasm.

Blood Pressure Medication Effect on Sexual Health

Blood Pressure Medication Effect on Sexual Health

Medications become important for the person who has High Blood Pressure, and he is often prescribed a drug to be used every day. These medications can have a sort of effect on the sexual health of the person as well.

Two common medicines men use for high blood pressure are diuretics, water pills, and beta-blockers. Both these medications have effects on the Sexual Wellness of the person taking them.

The main goal of these medicines is to lower blood circulation by lowering blood flow. This ultimately affects the sexual performance of the man. Diuretics lower the blood flow to the penis and also lower the levels of zinc in the body. These cause testosterone reduction in men, causing sexual difficulties.

Change the Medicines

When the cause of sexual disability is blood pressure medication, the treatment becomes difficult. The reason is the person has to use medications to control his blood pressure, and the use of these pills will affect his sexual performance.

So, the best the patient can do is consult his doctor and change his medications. Some less potent medicines will not affect this sexual performance as much as Beta Blockers or Diuretics. Or you can skip the dose as you are going for the intercourse, but the doctor’s permission is necessary for that as well.

Use Natural Treatments to Control Blood Pressure

Another way to cure High Blood Pressure and Sex linkage is by using natural treatments to control the blood pressure. Mostly, this treatment consists of avoiding the factors that boost the blood pressure in the body. Some tips to control your blood pressure naturally are listed below.

  • Avoid smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. 
  • Eat healthy food and follow a healthy diet plan
  • Control your BMI and maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduce salt in your everyday diet as it promotes high blood pressure.
  • Do some exercise regularly to improve natural stamina and heart health

Sexual Medications for Blood Pressure Patients

One solution to sort the High Blood Pressure and Sex link is by controlling the blood pressure by natural means and using less potent blood pressure medication. Another very effective treatment is by using sexual supplements like the Erectile Dysfunction Medications.

We have multiple options of drugs that can help a man through this sexual performance, irrespective of his blood pressure situation. We have shared some of these medicines below. But make sure you are consulting with your doctor before taking any of these pills.

Trusted Store for Medications

One concern of every patient while starting their sexual treatment is a trusted source to purchase their medications. And it is highly important as well. We should only purchase the medication from a trusted source to ensure its quality. The best option we have right now is the Damson Pharmacy.

You can easily find all sorts of sexual supplements from this store, including ones difficult to find, like Kamagra Effervescent. You can deliver your medicine to your doorstep worldwide, including in America, Canada, Australia, and Russia. You can get both the High Blood Pressure and Sex Pills from this store.

Bottom Line

The human body is interlinked very strongly, and any untreated disease or disorder will affect the body’s overall functioning. High Blood Pressure and Sex have similar effects on each other, which will affect the sexual life of the person dealing with these conditions.

In this article, you will find the solutions to deal with these conditions and the most effective method to control your blood pressure and still have a strong sexual strength. Along with these treatments, always consult your doctor and follow his prescriptions strictly.


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