How Long Should I Keep Using ED Medications?

How Long Should I Keep Using ED Medications

Sexual disorders are increasing every day in men. The causes are either their diet or not taking care of their sexual health. Erectile Dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder that infects almost every 10th man with long-term sexual problems.

Luckily there are medical treatments available for treating ED in men. We will be discussing the most beneficial medication for ED. We also have shared information on the usage of these erection pills. 

ED Medications

ED medicines are drugs used to provide erection for a specific time. These ED pills have different effect period on the body. These medicines can have short-term effects on the body. And some drugs have long-term effects and can treat ED permanently.

These medications are considered to be the best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. Doctors prescribe these pills to patients who cannot maintain their erection during sexual intercourse.

How Do ED Drugs Work?

Almost all erection-treating medication has one chemical composition called Sildenafil citrate. This drug is famous for blocking the PDE5 enzyme in the body. These drugs relax your sore muscles, especially in the genital region.

We have shared the working process of Erectile Dysfunction Pills below:

  • When a patient takes any ED medicine, his blood circulation increases. 
  • Once the penal part gets enough blood, the muscle gets more functioning.
  • The PDE 5 enzyme gets blocked, which eases the blood flow through the veins in the penal region.
  • As the muscle gets functions, the erection timing also gets increases.

Frequency of Using ED Medicines

Frequency of Using ED Medicines

People usually ask the question about the intake of ED medications. The dose intake is an essential part of the treatment. You must know the correct dose before taking any drug and have a professional prescription. We have discussed crucial points you must consider before taking any ED medicine.

Follow the Doctor’s Prescription

Before taking any medicine, you must get a doctor’s prescription. If the medication you take is strong, it will harm your body. So you must follow your doctor’s advice during any medical treatment.

As for erectile dysfunction, all medicines can have severe side effects on your body if the dose is incorrect. The doctor will diagnose your problem and suggest the best medicine for your treatment.

Consider the Sexual Frequency

The frequency of your sexual activity highly affects the longevity of ED medicine use. If you are having sex regularly, you might need some strong ED Medications to help you during intercourse.

People who have sex every day can use long-term effecting medicine. Pills like Tadalafil and Vidalista have almost 36 hours of effect on the body. They will save you from taking loads of treatment every day. You can take them after two days instead.

Don’t intermix the Pills

As we have mentioned multiple times, the dose quantity matters the most during ED treatment. You cannot take two ED pills at the same time. This will not decrease the treatment time or increase the effect. Instead, this will increase the risk of side effects.

Ensure you take your dose daily, and don’t take two pills the next day if you missed one. Instead, cancel that day of your treatment period. 

Complete the Course

Before taking ED pills, you must be ready for the complete course of treatment. Sometimes the medication period can last for 6 to 12 months. You have to complete your entire course of medication for the desired result.

This long-duration medicine course has no strong side effects on your body. Even a study shows that four years of continued ED medicine intake has very low side effects on the body. However, the result is very satisfactory for most people.

Can We Take ED Pills Daily?

Ed medication has different effect duration on the body based on the pill you are taking. So it is important to wait for the effect of the first medicine to finish before you take another dose. 

So if you have been prescribed medicine with long effects like Tadalafil, you must wait for two days before taking the next dose. And if the drug is Viagra or Cenforce, which has short-term effects, you can take the medicine daily.

We highly recommend you ask your doctor about the usage of the medicine you are taking. Many aspects affect the medicine intake. Your age, medical history and your body’s requirement will decide whether you can take ED Medications daily.

Most popular ED Medicines

There are numerous drugs which are used to treat erection problems in men. Using these ED Medications can be tricky if you don’t know the right drugs. We have shared the four most popular ED pills you can use. 

We also suggest getting a doctor’s prescription before taking these drugs. He can guide you about the right dose for you.


Tadalafil is famous for its long-term effect on the body. This medicine has almost 36 hours of influence on the body. You can take it at any time of the day. But make sure that you are not overdosing yourself.


Cenforce is a drug that was initially made to treat hypertension in men. But it also has extraordinary effects on the erection. This drug is available in multiple-dose quantities. And it can provide long-term treatment for erection problems in men.


Vidalista is one of the products of Tadalafil ED Medications. It last for the same 36 hours on the body. The side effects are minimum. Vidalista 20 mg is the most common dose quantity used by most patients with erectile dysfunction.


Fildena is an ED pill which is available in different forms. Fildena 100 mg Chewable can be consumed raw and chewed during sexual activity. This drug has short-term effects on your body. But it can last during your whole sexual activity.

Side Effects of ED Medication

ED pills have some adverse effects on humans, much like any other drug. Typically, they are minimal and pose no threat to human health. The inconsistent dosage intake is the primary cause of these adverse effects.

We’ve outlined a few potential adverse effects of ED medicine use. If you ever experience these side effects after taking the medication mentioned above. Please visit a doctor right away. The following are probable side effects of ED drugs:

  • Soreness in body
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Fever
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Stomach ache
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle Pain

Purchasing the ED Pills

ED pills are famous in every region of the world. You can get them from any medical store near you. You can use the Damson Pharmacy to buy these drugs if you want an online purchase.

Damson’s online medical store offers all branded and generic medications at very low rates. They have low-cost delivery services in every big country. You can get fast delivery in Australia, Canada, France and Italy.

Bottom Line

Getting treatment for both physical and sexual disorders has to be your priority. Luckily with so many options for medication, the erection disorder can be treated easily. You must keep the dose intake in check to ensure effective and risk-free treatment.

All the ED Medications we have mentioned above are highly effective. You can ask your doctors before taking them. They will suggest to you the exact dose required by your body. And also guide you on how long you must keep using these ED pills.


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