Soma vs Robaxin – Most Well-Known Muscle Relaxer

Soma vs Robaxin - Most Well-Known Muscle Relaxer

Muscle pain and spasm is a common condition in both men and women. Robaxin and Soma are two big names in treating these muscle disorders. But we cannot take both of these medications at the same time. Hence we must identify the drug which is effective for use.

We have compelled this article to help you decide between Soma vs Robaxin. We will be discussing all the essential points of both of these medicines further. This information will help you choose the right treatment according to your health situation and preferences.

Introduction to Soma vs Robaxin

Soma is a very effective medication for relieving muscle pain. This drug disrupts the activity of neurotransmitters in the human body. This means there will be no pain signal between the muscle and the brain. Hence, the patient feels no pain, and his muscles are relaxed. 

Robaxin is also a highly effective and trusted painkiller and muscle relaxer. This drug is only available in the generic form. This drug activates the GABA, which inhibits the nerve impulse. This breaks the connection between the brain and the nervous system. This drug will decrease muscle tone.

Common Side Effects of Soma & Robaxin

Every human body reacts differently to the medicine it interacts with. Similarly, Robaxin and Soma have some possible patient side effects. These side effects are very slight and ordinary. We have shared some of these common side effects below. Just consult your doctor if you identify any of these side effects in your body.

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Itching and Rash
  • Insomnia
  • Blurred Vision

Severe Side Effects of Soma & Robaxin

Severe Side Effects of Soma & Robaxin

Using Soma vs Robaxin requires great care and attention. A little mistake can cause many side effects to the human body. Sometimes, the side effects can be severe when the dose is high, or the medicine has interacted with some drug. We have listed the possible severe side effects of Soma and Robaxin below.

  • Allergic Reaction
  • Fever
  • Slow Heart Rate
  • Depression
  • Seizure
  • Jaundice

Comparison between Soma & Robaxin

Robaxin and Soma may seem like very similar drugs, but they differ. There are a few major differences which make them separate from each other. By comparing these two drugs, you can identify which medicine is the best for you. 

Dosage Form

A major difference between these two drugs is their dosage forms. Robaxin is available in both oral tablets and injection solution forms. However, the Soma is only available in oral tablet form.

Hence if you prefer taking tablets only, you can take any of these two drugs. But if the doctor prescribes the injection, you must use the Robaxin medicine. 

Activity Duration

Another great difference between Soma vs Robaxin is their activity duration. Both drugs have different time of effects on the body. For instance, for the Pain of Soma 350 mg, the drug activity lasts 6 hours. This means this drug is short-duration medicine.

While Robaxin is considered to be a long-term active drug, it has a lasting effect of around 8 hours. So if you want a long effective drug, you can use Robaxin medicine instead of Soma.


The efficiency of both Robaxin and Soma and considered to be the same. But there is just a slight difference. As we know, Robaxin has a prolonged activity duration. We can consider this medicine to be more efficient than the Soma.

But the effect of both medicines will be the same as long they are in your body. The only difference is that Robaxin lasts a little longer as compared to Soma.

Addictive or Abusive

Some medicine has the risk of addiction. Like muscle pain relief, drugs can be addictive if not controlled. Between Soma vs Robaxin, some are considered to be abusive and addictive for the patients.

However, Robaxin doesn’t have any strong effect on the patients. And it has been seen that patients consuming Robaxin don’t get addicted to this painkiller easily.

Interaction of Robaxin & Some with Other Drugs

Muscle-relaxing drugs are very sensitive and interactive with other medications. Robaxin and Some also interact with other pills quickly. Hence there are a few drugs that you have to avoid while you are taking these two pills. We have shared these drugs below.


You must avoid alcohol when you are taking Robaxin and Soma. These two are very interactive and cause serious heart problems to the patients. You can suffer from low blood pressure and heart attack as well.


Anti-depression medication should also be avoided while taking Robaxin and Soma. These two classes of drugs are the same action on the body to relax the muscles and brain. Taking both at the same time can be dangerous.


Opioid-class medications like fentanyl and morphine interact with Robaxin and Soma. They can cause seizures in the patient if taken together. You must wait for one drug to leave your body before the other.

Precautions for Using Soma & Robaxin

As we have mentioned earlier, any medical treatment requires precautions. For muscle pain, the medicine has to be of exact dosage; otherwise, there could be severe side effects. To ensure your safety and effective treatment for yourself, we have shared some of the preventive measures you must follow below.

  • Ensure the medicine you are taking has at least a one-year timing expiry date before using it.
  • Patients should never use both Robaxin and Soma at the same time.
  • You should never use Soma for long as it can be abusive and addictive.
  • Follow the doctor’s prescription strictly, and don’t overdose yourself with the drugs.
  • It would help if you asked for your doctor’s advice. He can suggest the right medicine between Soma vs Robaxin according to your health condition.
  • Both Robaxin and Soma have severe interactions with other pills. Hence you cannot take any other drug along with these two pills.
  • Avoid taking heavy-dose medication like Pain o Soma 500 mg for longer relief from the pain.
  • After you take any painkiller, don’t drive, as these drugs can cause dizziness.
  • Don’t consume any alcohol along with these muscle relaxers. This can affect your heart rate and low your blood pressure.

Where to Get Soma and Robaxin

Robaxin and Soma are arguably the most effective medication for muscle pain and other dysfunctions. But we must ensure the quality of these drugs is original. You can find the best Robaxin and Soma medicine quality at the Damson Pharmacy. And the prices are also very low.

Samson has been supplying high-quality medication to its users for many years. All the medicine here is 100% original and about 15% lower rate than the market. They have fast delivery service around the globe, including in European countries like the UK, France, Italy and Germany.


In the discussion of Soma vs Robaxin information in this article will help you a lot. So before selecting the medicine between these two, remember the information we have shared with you. If you want a more effective and long-term activity, you can use Robaxin; otherwise, Soma is best for you.

Medical treatment can be critical and dangerous if not carried out with great care. And the medications like Robaxin and Soma can have severe side effects if you make any dosage mistake. That’s why we suggest you consult with your doctor before taking any pill or injection.


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