Which Blood Pressure Medications cause ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Which Blood Pressure Medications cause ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Blood pressure is a common disease that can affect adults and older people. In most cases, medications are used to treat and control blood pressure. But like every other medicine, blood pressure drugs also have side effects, and one of these side effects is the development of erectile dysfunction.

Many studies have shown that Blood Pressure Medications cause ED in men. We will discuss the link between erectile disorder and blood pressure medicines. Keep reading the article to find what side effects regular use of blood pressure drugs can have on your physical and psychological health.

Blood Pressure Medications and ED

Blood pressure medication affects the blood flow of our body. As the blood circulation is controlled, and in most cases, the blood flow is decreased by taking these drugs. Which ultimately reduces the blood circulation in the penal region of men. And this low blood flow causes ED.

Your general BP drug also has psychological effects on your body. And Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction are related to each other. A person who uses BP medicine regularly is more likely to develop ED and other sexual disorders. 

Effects of Blood Pressure Medications on ED

Effects of Blood Pressure Medications on ED

The medication works in a way that they affect our whole body. We cannot say that each drug we take will only help us. Side effects are possible. Suppose you take blood pressure drugs to control your high blood pressure. But it will have other effects on your body as well. We have mentioned those effects below.

  • BP drugs directly affect the blood flow of the body.
  • These drugs mostly slow down blood flow and only supply the blood to function and important body parts.
  • As the blood circulation decreases, the penal region of men gets the lowest blood flow.
  • Due to a decrease in blood flow, the penis cannot hold its erection for a longer period.
  • Also, if the BP medicine increases the blood flow, it can cause other Sexual Dysfunction like premature ejaculation.
  • BP drugs also affect the person psychologically; hence, he cannot focus during his sexual activity.
  • BP drugs don’t affect the sexual health of women in general.

Blood Pressure Medications That Cause ED

Scientists divide BP drugs into two classes. One class of these drugs can cause sexual problems in men. While the other category rarely has any effect on sexual health. 

Some Blood Pressure Medications cause ED in men. These drugs decrease the blood flow to the genitalia of the men. Medicines like beta blockers and thiazide Diuretics fall into this class. 

While some medicine doesn’t decrease blood circulation but controls it, ACE inhibitors and alpha-blockers don’t cause erection problems in men.

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Now we have this clear that Blood Pressure Medications cause Erectile Dysfunction. So what would be the solution for that? Well, in most cases, doctors recommend that patients use ED pills to cure their sexual problems. Some famous Medications for Erectile Dysfunction are discussed below:


Cenforce is a famous medicine for treating erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. This drug was initially used for hypertension in men. You can use this medicine for your psychological problems with your doctor’s consent.

If you must take Blood Pressure Medications cause ED, you can use this drug along with it. So the BP drug doesn’t affect your sexual health.


Most doctors recommend sildenafil for all sexual disorders treatment. This drug has the Sildenafil Citrate in it, which blocks the PDE 5 enzyme in the body. This helps in regulating the blood flow in the penal part of men.

This medicine has many benefits and can solve most sexual disorders. You can take this drug with or without food.


Viagra is well-known in the sexual medicine industry. Especially against Blood Pressure Medications cause ED, this drug is highly beneficial. Viagra can maintain the blood flow in your genital parts, providing you desire erection timing.

Also, this medicine comes in a variety of dose forms. You can get the pill form or the edible form. And this drug can be used by teenagers if their doctor allows it.

Online Purchase of ED Drugs

To control the side effects of BP medicine on your sexual health, you must use ED medicines. And to purchase these highly beneficial ED drugs, we suggest the Damson Pharmacy. You can find the best quality medicine in this online store and at very reliable rates compared to the market.

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Precautions for Using Medicines

Medical therapy has specific preventive measures that should be followed. If they are ignored, the risk of side effects increases. We have shared some important safety measures that you should follow. They will keep you safe and increase the efficiency of your treatment.

  • Never take any drug without asking your doctor first.
  • If you notice any side effects after taking any medicine, stop taking it. And get immediate medical attention.
  • Avoiding Blood Pressure Medications cause ED instead of taking some alternatives would be best.
  • Share all about your current medical situation with your doctor.
  • Take the exact dose recommended by your doctor. And take your medicine dose on time.


Medical therapy is complicated; you need all the help for safe treatment. And for that, your doctor can be your guardian. You can ask him all the necessary questions to ensure you are safe from possible side effects. Also, you must share all your health problems with your doctor.

Some Blood Pressure Medications cause ED, so you must avoid them. Ask your doctor for an alternative, or take some ED drugs along with your BP medicine. But don’t use any medication without asking your doctor first. This article will give you all the information regarding the link between BP drugs and ED.


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