When to Stop Birth Control Before Trying to Conceive

When to Stop Birth Control Before Trying to Conceive

Getting pregnant is a big step for women, and it develops different concerns and questions in the minds of the soon-to-be mother. One of these questions is always When to Stop Birth Control?

According to a survey of 2015-2017, 64.9% of women in the United States use some kind of birth control. Nevertheless, at some point, these women would also want to become pregnant, and for that, they will have to stop taking birth control. However, what is the right time to do that?

We have the answer for you in this article. Getting pregnant, and that too after using birth control for a long time, needs some deep discussion, and we have done that for you. To get all your concerns and questions answered, read this article till the end.

Most Common Birth Control

First, we will discuss one of the most common birth control that women use and need much discussion. MTP Kit is a very common birth control that women usually use once they get pregnant, specifically in the first ten weeks of their pregnancy. This is an abortion kit.

By using MTP, the fetus in the body will stop growing, and gradually, the pregnancy will end. However, this kit’s later effects can affect your future pregnancy. So, we have to know when to Stop Birth Control MTP.

If you have been using MTP, your cycle will return within 1 to 3 months, which is too far. Moreover, after that period, you can get pregnant. But it can also take a whole year. So, the right time to stop using MTP is about six months.

Different Times to Stop Different Birth Controls

Different Times to Stop Different Birth Controls

Along with the MTP, there are some other popular birth controls, and they all have different effects and lasting time on women. Some need to be stopped a lot earlier, and some do not have that intense effect on the pregnancy, so they can be stopped any time you want. 

We need to Stop Birth Control, whether they are Birth Control Pills or any other device, if we want to get pregnant, and the time should be right as well. We have explained all these birth control below.

Intrauterine Device

An intrauterine device or IUD is a t-shape, small device that doctors insert in the uterus of a woman. Usually, an IUD is nonhormonal, which means it does not have any effect on your birth hormone estrogen. This means by removing the IUD, you can get pregnant almost right away. Typically, a woman can take up to one month to start ovulation.


The implant is a hormonal birth control. Doctors insert a thin rod into the arm of the woman, and this rod constantly releases pregnancy blocker hormones. Many women are unaware of this birth control.

To stop birth control by implants, you just need to get this rod removed from your arm. There are some cases where the pregnancy starts within one week of implant removal, but it can also take a couple of months.


Patch is an on-skin birth control. It sticks to your body and releases hormones to block pregnancy. This patch is to be worn every wear. We can take a break after every three weeks as well.

As Patch is also a hormonal birth control, it will take time to restart the ovulation cycle. You have to stop using the patches right away. It can take weeks and even months to start your cycle again for pregnancy.


The shot is also an uncommon birth control. It gets injected into the body, and the Contraceptive Pill works by releasing pregnancy-blocking hormones into the bloodstream. The shot is taken every 3 months.

The shot is the most effective birth control, which takes 15 months to wear off. It would be best to Stop Birth Control by shots for a long time before you try for pregnancy again. It can take up to 10 months to restart the menstrual cycle.

Chances of Getting Pregnant After I Stop Birth Control 

Another central concern women have about birth control and abortion pills is whether they can get pregnant or not. They want to ensure that they stop Birth Control and bring back their pregnancy.

You will be pleased to know that according to 2018 research, women who stop using their birth control have an 83% chance of getting pregnant again. The difference will be in the type of birth control you were using.

Another factor that affects the chances of pregnancy is age. Younger women have a higher chance of getting pregnant compared to older women. Every 1 in 4 women between 20 and 30 can get pregnant; however, this number for over 40 is 1 in 10.

Trust the Professionals

Another aspect that most women ignore is getting professional help. Even while using birth control like MTP Kit vs Unwanted Kit and while planning to Stop Birth Control. A professional’s help can considerably increase your chances of getting pregnant. 

We believe that the day you decide to get pregnant, you should visit a doctor and state your condition. Tell him which birth control you used and when was the last time you used them. Then he will suggest the best for you according to your condition.

Along with doctors, you should get your medications from a professional and trusted store only if you want to buy Abortion pills or any pregnancy pills that your doctor prescribes use Damson Pharma. We have the best quality medicine and the best rates as well.

Bottom Line

Both the decision to start birth control and to stop Birth Control are complicated and affect the person. As for stopping birth control and trying to get pregnant, it is possible, and there is nothing to worry about as long you are doing everything the right way.

A very high proportion of women get pregnant every year by stopping birth control, and you are one of them. It might take some time, which is all right. Fertility depends on your current health and age. So be positive and be connected with your partner, as you will need it a lot.


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