How To Talk About Erectile Dysfunction With Your Partner

How To Talk About Erectile Dysfunction With Your Partner

Men are mostly secretive about their sexual health. And some men don’t even discuss their problems with their partners. Not disclosing your health problem with your partner can have many side effects on your mental health and relationship. 

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that infects men and their partners. So to keep the relationship healthy and positive, you must talk about Erectile Dysfunction with your partner.

In this article, we will discuss more about ED and its causes. We also have shared some strategic points that you can follow to discuss your sexual health issue with your partner. Keep reading the article to get maximum help.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

According to a study at Boston University, Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual disorders in men. About 10% of men after age 40 develop ED. In this condition, the patient could not hold an erection for the desired duration. There is not enough blood circulation to keep the erection.

This condition is the core reason for many other sexual disorders in men. And it also affects your partner and severely impacts your lifestyle. As there will be no erection, your sexual life will become dull, which can cause Hypertension and also affects your relationship.

What Can Cause ED in Men?

Multiple treatments are available to cue erection problems in men. But none of the treatments can be effective if you have eradicated the cause of ED. You must know the reason why you have developed an erection problem. Only then you can get a proper cure for this sexual disorder.

  • Erectile dysfunction is one of the many sexual illnesses that patients with vascular disease experience.
  • Some medications relax the muscles in the body, making it impossible to maintain an erection after taking them.
  • Stress and high blood pressure are two major causes of decreased sexual potency.
  • Erection issues can result from any damage to the genitals.
  • High Cholesterol blocks the veins and affects blood circulation. This Causes Erectile Dysfunction.
  • When you eat poorly, your body lacks the nutrition to function during any activity.
  • Another critical factor in the development of ED in males is age. Your body may find it challenging to maintain an erection after age 40. 

Strategy to Talk about Erectile Dysfunction with Your Partner

Strategy to Talk about Erectile Dysfunction with Your Partner

We all want our sexual problems to be private. Buy we must understand that ED can be highly stressful and causes mental issues in the patients. So to deal with its mental side effects, you have to share your problems with someone; the best person would be your partner.

ED affects you and your partner, so you both must be aware of this condition. We have listed some helpful tips you can use to discuss this problem with your partner.

Be Supportive

The first thing about sharing problems with your partner is always to get support. So both partners should support each other in this condition. ED affects both; hence, you should understand each other state and help each other.

Discuss the Problem

You have to talk about Erectile Dysfunction openly. It would be best if you did not hide anything from your partner. Share the exact problem you are facing and your health condition as well.

Couple Therapy

We suggest that patients of ED get couple therapy. This is an excellent option for people who cannot share their problems easily. The therapist will help you start the conversation, and at the same time, the therapist will help you make your relationship better.

Go to the Doctor Together

Both partners should visit the doctor to understand the patient’s condition better. And when the doctor Talk about Erectile Dysfunction, ask questions and show interest. By doing this, your partner will feel like you are in this situation together and he is getting the support he needs.

Do Some Activities Together

This great strategic help will keep your relationship strong during the erection problem. It would help if you planned some activities together. This way, you will spend more time with each other and have a solid emotional connection.

Medications for Treating ED

The medication industry has developed a lot over the past few years. And luckily, there are multiple medical treatments available to deal with Erectile Dysfunction. We have listed some of the medications available for treating ED below.

You also have to save yourself from Fake Erectile Dysfunction Pills. They can have many side effects and adverse effects on your treatment.


You must be cautious when dealing with any sexual health condition like ED. It would help to follow the safety precautions to protect your health from potential risks. We have provided some helpful advice. If you follow them, your treatment will also be effective and safe.

  • You must Talk about Erectile Dysfunction with your partner and get moral support from them.
  • Before taking any drug, consult your doctor to determine the proper dosage.
  • If you ever notice an infection after using an ED medication. Get medical help and stop taking that medication.
  • Avoid overdosing on medication to get longer erectile. This won’t help and can perhaps make your issue worse.
  • Avoid taking any fake ED pills. You can find a List of Fake ED Pills Sold in the UK which lists all the fake ED drugs in the market. 
  • After taking ED drugs, should not drive. ED pills cause Blurriness which will affect your driving.
  • Avoid taking two ED medications, like Sildenafil and Tadalafil, at the same time.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking while receiving medical therapy. This might infect your kidneys and stomach.


All the sexual and other health problems require all the attention. It would be best if you started your treatment immediately. Otherwise, the condition can get worse. And Talk about Erectile Dysfunction with your partner will greatly help your treatment. 

You will get a lot of mental peace during the treatment if you have someone to talk to about your condition. Doctors suggest ED patients get couple therapy to keep their relationship strong. But you can also use the strategic tips shared in this article.


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