Would You Marry A Man With Erectile Dysfunction?

Would You Marry A Man With Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual disorders are getting more and more common in men. These sexual problems affect the patient’s life and the people around him. Especially if a person is married and gets Erectile Dysfunction or any other sexual disorder, it affects the relationship a lot.

Doctors and men’s health specialists always get the question of Would you marry a Man with Erectile Dysfunction and what effects it might have. We will answer this question in this article.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction is a sexual condition when a man becomes unable to hold his erection for a longer time. The ED can be temporary or permanent. The major reason for a lower erection is the less blood circulation in the penal regions, which causes penis muscles to relax sooner than needed.

Another reason for ED can be blood disorder. Also, Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction are strongly connected. Patients with diabetes or any heart-related disease might develop ED over time.

Effects of ED on a Relationship

Effects of ED on a Relationship

As we have mentioned earlier, ED does not only affect the patient’s life but also the people around them. And the direct effect is on their partners. We have discussed some of the challenges one can face if one Marry a Guy Who Suffers from Erectile Dysfunction

The patients themselves describe these effects as very common side effects of ED on relationships and marriage.

Stress & Anxiety

Many studies have shown that Erectile Dysfunction has a major effect on the mental health of both the partners in the relationship. ED causes stress and depression in the patient, which will cause marital stress over time.

If one of the partners is stressed over something, the other partner also gets affected by it. Many therapy studies prove that a stressed and anxious partner cannot give his 100% in a relationship, which causes problems.

Communication Gap

Men are generally secretive about their especially sexual health. They don’t prefer talking about their health issues with their partner. This can cause a communication gap between the two persons in the relationship or marriage.

The ED patients are mostly insecure about their health and don’t want to share their problems with their partners. That’s why he usually tries to have minimum communication with the other person. This ultimately affects the relationship.

Unsatisfied Sex

This is the most obvious adverse effect of Erectile Dysfunction on relationships. Due to the lack of blood supply in the penis, the man is unable to hold his erection for the desired time duration which ultimately affects the sexual performance.

An ED patient also has very low stamina, which makes him physically unable to be active during sex. Also, Erectile Dysfunction can cause some other sexual disorders like premature ejaculation, which also affects the sexual performance of men.

Marry A Man With Erectile Dysfunction

Every marriage has its challenges and problems. One of these problems is Erectile Dysfunction. If someone Marry a Man with Erectile Dysfunction, the best thing she can do is support his partner. Sexual disorder can be very stressful and challenging for the patient, and he will need all the help from his partner.

However, the discussion could differ if you marry someone suffering from ED. The decision depends on what you want. Even though there are many treatments for ED and the disease can be treated, the question would be if you wish to be with someone sexually weak

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction in a Marriage?

Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder that affects not only sexual health but also mental health. Hence, to deal with this condition, the patient and his partner have to be together in the treatment. 

We have discussed some of the treatments below in detail. You can ask for further help from your doctor or therapist.

Be Open

The most important part of being in a relationship and having Erectile Dysfunction is to be open about your condition with your partner. If you are planning on dealing with your sexual disorder by yourself, it will not work. You will need support from your partner as well.

The best way would be to share all your thoughts and try to find a solution together. By sharing your sexual condition with your partner, you will be more relieved of your treatment.

Relationship Therapy

In some cases, doctors recommend the patient get a couple of therapy. The treatment for ED can be stressful for the partners and can cause relationship problems. If you want to Marry a Man with Erectile Dysfunction, you should be ready for these steps.

The therapist can help you communicate with each other and help you find answers to your queries.


One of the best treatments for Erectile Dysfunction is medication. There are Sildenafil Citrate pills that help with erection timing improvement. Pills like Cenforce, sildenafil, Malegra, and Vidalista are famous medicines for erection.

Also, ask your doctor before taking any of the pills. Ask him about the appropriate dose quantity and the guidelines for taking the medications.

Where to Purchase ED Pills From?

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Bottom Line

Before you Marry a Man with Erectile Dysfunction, knowing about this disorder and its possible effects on the relationship is very important. We have compiled this article so you can learn everything necessary about this condition and deal with it.

We believe men’s health should be given the importance it deserves. And for an ED patient, the biggest help is the support from his partner. If your partner deals with Erectile Dysfunction, you should make him comfortable and be there for him.


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