Can You Get Erectile Dysfunction at 15?

Can You Get Erectile Dysfunction at 15

Men face many sexual disorders throughout their lives. It is widely common for men over 40 to face sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction. But there is a possibility that it might happen in the late teen years as well.

We have discussed ED in detail in this article. We have also discussed how men Get Erectile Dysfunction at 15 and its possible treatments. So, keep reading this article to get all your questions answered.

Introduction to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition where men cannot hold their erections for longer. This is mainly caused by low blood circulation in the penal region, which makes the muscle relax quickly and does not function properly.

In most cases, ED happens after age 40 in men, but it can also be in teenagers. Lifestyle and other disease interconnection have more impact on ED than age. However, Erectile Dysfunction Lasts based on the treatment the patient is getting and his age.

Erection is an important part of the sexual activity. Men desire to hold their erection for longer to be satisfied and satisfy their partner. But, due to erectile disorder, this erection gets extremely low.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Teenagers?

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Teenagers

Erectile Dysfunction is connected to many factors, including mental, physical, and psychological. There could be many reasons why a person develop this condition. We have shared the Erectile Dysfunction causes below. 

In most cases, the reason for this condition will be one of the mentioned.

Physical Causes

ED is connected with low blood circulation; hence, any disease or condition that affects your blood flow might cause Erectile Dysfunction as well. Diseases like irregular blood pressure and coronary artery disease are also a factor of ED.

Even Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction are strongly interconnected. In many cases, a diabetic patient will also have ED at some point.

Psychological Causes

Teenage years come with many physical, mental, and environmental changes for the boys. During this period, many men go through depression because they are uncomfortable with the changes in their bodies or lives. All this psychological pressure can cause Erectile Dysfunction.

ED is strongly connected to the mental health of the person. If you are not mentally healthy and are constantly under pressure, sexual health will also get damaged.


Porn has become a regular part of every teenager. Studies prove that almost 50% of teenagers from 11 to 16 watch porn regularly. Porn has many adverse psychological problems, which might be the form of Erectile Dysfunction.

Porn and real life is entirely different. When a person tries to link them in their sexual life, it might affect their erection and also cause other sexual disorders like premature ejaculation as well.

Late Puberty

Puberty is an important part of every man’s and woman’s lifespan. Usually, puberty starts from the age of 11 to 16. And this puberty has different changes to the body. Erection is one of these changes.

If, for some reason, puberty gets late in boys, it might affect their erection as well. This late puberty can be because of genetic factors or irregular growth of hormones.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

If you Get Erectile Dysfunction at 15, there is a high possibility that you will treat this condition permanently. For the treatment, the patient has many options. We have shared some of them below.


Medications are the best and most effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. There are hundreds of ED pills that help men with erections. For teenagers, there are some low-dose pills that are equally helpful.

You can use medicines like Cenforce, Sildenafil Citrate, Vidalista, and CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction. But consult with your doctor before taking any of these pills.

Healthy Diet

A better solution for ED rather than Erectile Dysfunction Medications is a healthy diet. There are some food items that are the organic source of PDE5 inhibitors that help block the relaxing enzyme in the body and prolong the erection.

Fruits like strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, etc., are highly beneficial for the teenager who has Erectile Dysfunction.

Changes in Lifestyle 

For ED patients, lifestyle changes are very important. You have to quit all your bad habits and remove factors causing Erectile Dysfunction in the first place. This will help with your ED treatment as well.

Teenagers must quit smoking and drinking alcohol if they are doing it. And also most helpful would be distressing yourself.


In their teenage years, specifically nowadays, most boys are physically inactive, being on their PlayStations and PC. This harms their physical and sexual life. The stamina rate goes down, which ultimately leads to ED. 

So, to treat the erection problem, the doctor suggests that the patient do some exercises and physical activities. You can do the following exercises.

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Weight Exercise
  • Body Weight Training


Dealing with any physical or sexual disorder requires a lot of care and preparation. Especially when you as a teenager are dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, you have to be super cautious of your lifestyle. 

We have shared some precautions you must follow if you have ED or are getting treatment for this condition.

  • Patients should be connected with their doctors and report every progress or side effect.
  • Follow the doctor’s prescription for medicine strictly.
  • Stick to the dose suggested by your doctor and try not to change the doses.
  • The doctor highly suggests teenage patients Talk About Erectile Dysfunction to someone for help.
  • Improve your lifestyle and quit smoking or drinking alcohol if you are.
  • Eat healthy food items and fruits to help your erection naturally.
  • Do some exercises regularly. It will help with your stamina growth.

Bottom Line

Teenagers are mostly inattentive about their health, which could harm them. Conditions like Erectile Dysfunction should be treated on time and with proper care to avoid dangerous risks. If somehow you Get Erectile Dysfunction at 15, the best option is to start your treatment.

Patients should consult with a professional doctor about their sexual health. And never take any medication without the doctor’s consent. 


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