How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction on Steroids

How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction on Steroids

Sexual disorders are one of the very common disorders in men. Several diseases have a major adverse effect on regular human life. The best option for sexual disease patients is to diagnose, control the causes, and get the treatment.

This article will discuss a very common sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction. We also have discussed its major causes, especially the Erectile Dysfunction on Steroids use. Please read the article completely to get all the information about this disease and its treatments.

Introduction of Erectile Dysfunction

ED is one of the most common sexual disorders, which has affected over 30 million men in the US. In this condition, men cannot hold their erections longer. This ultimately affects the sexual life of men and also affects their reproduction capability.

Most men prefer not to Talk About Erectile Dysfunction, which can be more dangerous for both men’s mental and physical health. Doctors suggest early treatment for this disorder and focus on improving sexual health.

What Are Steroids?

Steroids are chemical compounds used to increase men’s and women’s overall health. Steroids are of two types: one is used to increase the person’s immunity and used as a medicine for inflammation disease. The other use is for building muscles and strength.

The steroids are of different types. The most common are Corticosteroids, which are for inflammatory disease. Another is anabolic Steroids, which regular bodybuilders use for building muscles and gaining strength.

How Can Steroid Cause ED?

The corticosteroids are stated to have sexual side effects on men. However, regular use of anabolic steroids can cause erectile dysfunction over time. Steroids decrease the libido and can increase the estrogen level in the body. Even though estrogen is necessary for sexual performance, a high value can result in ED.

Just like the link of Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction, steroids also affect the blood circulation in the body. Irregulation in blood flow and heartbeat will ultimately affect the sexual performance of men and cause erectile dysfunction.

Other Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Other Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Other than the use of steroids, other reasons cause ED in men. One of the most common causes is age. In most cases, after a man gets older than 40, he has a higher chance of getting an erection disorder. 

Even though there are cases where some boys Get Erectile Dysfunction at 15, these cases are extremely few. Also, if a man has a poor lifestyle, it can cause ED over time. We have shared some of the common causes of ED below.

  • Medication side effect
  • Aging
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • High Cholesterol Level
  • Heart Disease

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction on Steroid

Men should prioritize treating their sexual disorder as soon as they diagnose it. Ignoring the condition and delaying the treatment for erectile dysfunction can later result in more severe sexual diseases. 

We have shared two different types of treatments that can help men treat their sexual conditions, specifically erectile dysfunction. For further you can contact your doctor.

Medical Treatments

If a person develops Erectile Dysfunction on Steroid Use, he can deal with this condition using some ED medications. There are multiple drugs available in the market that provide men with some extra timing of erection.

We have listed some of the common and most affected ED drugs below. However, patients should get a doctor’s prescription before using any of the following medicines.

Natural Treatments

If you are not comfortable with using branded or generic medications for your sexual disorder, there are some helpful natural treatments available as well. Men can use natural remedies to treat ED and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Below, we have shared a few helpful tips to help with the Recovery of Erectile Dysfunction. These will also help you with lowering the risks of getting ED.

  • Follow a healthy diet plan and consume food with high nutrition levels.
  • Make sure to get your necessary vitamins and minerals.
  • Eat fruits that are natural PDE5 inhibitors, like Kiwis, Pineapple, and berries.
  • Quit smoking as it damages the heart and causes blood diseases.
  • Control your alcohol consumption or try to quit it completely.
  • Do regular exercises every day to increase your stamina naturally.

Best Site to Purchase ED Medicine

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We now understand how dangerous regular use of steroids could be. So, there are specific safety measures that doctors suggest patients to follow. We have shared a few of the precautions for ED patients to follow. 

  • Men should control their steroid use and ask a doctor about the strategy of taking steroids. 
  • If you have erectile dysfunction, you should use the anabolic steroids.
  • To treat erectile dysfunction, make sure to take your medication on time.
  • Don’t alter the disease your doctor suggested; stick to the prescription.
  • Take a healthy diet, and target an increase in testosterone levels.
  • Never take two of the ED pills at the same time.
  • Be aware of the ED medicine side effects and report to your doctor in case of any side effects.

Bottom Line

Men nowadays are facing sexual disorders more than ever before. The poor lifestyle and other factors discussed in this article are causing sexual disability in men. So we suggest all our readers take the necessary steps to improve their sexual life. 

Now that we know about the development of Erectile Dysfunction on Steroid use, we should limit our steroid consumption. The best way would be to consult with a doctor and ask for help from a professional. 


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