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Insomnia, a widespread sleep disorder, transcends geographic and demographic boundaries, affecting millions of individuals across the globe. Characterized by persistent difficulties in initiating or maintaining sleep, or obtaining restorative sleep, it exerts a profound impact on the physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being of those afflicted. From transient bouts induced by acute stressors to persistent struggles extending over months or even years, insomnia manifests in various forms.

Its pervasive presence in modern society raises critical questions about its underlying causes, management strategies, and the far-reaching consequences it imposes on individuals and society at large. This exploration into the realm of insomnia aims to unravel the intricate web of factors contributing to its onset, shed light on its multifaceted nature, and offer insights into the diverse approaches employed in its treatment. By delving into the complexities of this sleep disorder, we endeavor to foster a greater understanding that may pave the way for more effective interventions and improved quality of life for those grappling with its challenges.